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CORPORATE Video Production Services

Exactly what is corporate video production?


Video production for corporate marketing is the process of creating videos for internal and external marketing. When done right, it can help in growing and expanding your business. Thus, you shouldn't ignore the value of video content, no matter the sector, size, or type of your business. 

Corporate videography can give your business a personality and a face that would bring you closer to your potential clients, especially when videos are professionally done. A brand's effectiveness is directly related to its recall by your target audience.

With such, it's vital to choose the right business video production services to help you make professional corporate videos. Working with experts in corporate video production will help you reach your business goals. 

Businesses that add corporate video production to their marketing strategy have increased over the years. And that's because the popularity of video-first platforms is rising each day.

Experts even predicted that videos or no-text content would continue to rise since most consumers prefer to watch moving content about a company, service, or product rather than read content about them. 

As such, it's essential to work with corporate videography services to ensure the distribution of high-quality, traffic-boosting videos for your business. Keep reading to understand more about corporate video production's benefits, primarily when working with corporate videographers.

Investing in corporate video production today is a wise move. With corporate video production, you can better reach your target market.

Other benefits will follow as a result of corporate videos.

To explain your brand, don't just make a talking head video. The way people consume video content has shifted, so you must work with a business video production company to stay ahead of the game. By doing this, you can be able to reap the following benefits of corporate videos: 




One of the best benefits of well-produced video content is to increase conversions. A corporate video increases the likelihood of a consumer buying a product or paying for a service.

Moreover, your target audience can easily access videos on multiple channels. Let corporate video companies help you distribute your videos on different digital channels like email, website, Instagram, Facebook, and more. 

But you must ensure that your videos can guide your viewers to become paying clients. Do so by letting corporate videographers produce tutorials and instructional videos that should answer the users' queries, especially on how your business can help solve their problems. 




You can also use corporate video production to build trust with your target market. Building trust is essential since consumers are more likely to engage or buy from businesses that they see as competent. In marketing parlance, you can display your competence through the quality of your video content. 

A talented team from corporate video production companies can help you create high-quality videos because they understand and know the processes involved in corporate videography. 

Especially if you use videos to educate your target audience, you can make them trust your brand more. Do so with explainer videos. These are cost-effective and attention-grabbing, bringing concepts to life and illustrating your ideas directly and simpler. 

By showing how your product or service solves a specific issue, you are demonstrating how it helps your business.


And consumers love them because the videos' objective isn't to promote your business; your target market will not feel that such videos are branded content. 

Instead, these videos can resonate with your audience, building trust and compelling them to take action. 




Garnering attention for your brand is another benefit of corporate video production. However, you shouldn't be doing the same thing that your competitors are doing if you want your audience to become more engaged. 

To help you be at par or stand out from your competitors, work with corporate videographers. We can help you create highly-original content that can go viral on your digital channels. 

We start by grabbing viewers' attention from the start. With corporate video production, the first five seconds of the content will capture an audience's attention. Business video production services like Wake and Make Media will maximize views by placing top clips and the best content foot forward. 

Most importantly, keeping your viewers engaged throughout the video is critical. But you can do this if your video is cinematic and emotive. This means having a backdrop of a great composition of sound and music on a great story so you can win over consumers. 



Driving exceptional return on investment (ROI) isn't impossible with corporate video production. However, you need to ensure that you're ahead of the best practices and newest trends in the video marketing industry to earn a high ROI. 

You can achieve this by working with business video production companies, as we can help you optimize and measure video marketing ROI. You don't have to feel overwhelmed finding enough resources and time and doing everything that needs to be done. 

We can help you understand and analyze the trends in your niche so we can create the "content of demand"—a term that has the keywords your target market uses when searching for products or services similar to yours. When we incorporate these keywords, your video content can appear on your target consumers' search engines. With such, you can have higher chances of selling your products or services when more people watch your videos. 

Most importantly, a business video production uses the "content of demand" to ensure that your video will go into the "viral" and "high-quality" categories.


what corporate videos can do for your business?


Wake and Make Photos.png

Wake and Make Media for corporate video production is one of the choices of businesses in making a good impression on their potential customers. That's because we understand how a corporate video helps in reflecting your brand that will resonate with your viewers.



We're one of the top corporate video production companies with extensive experience creating high-quality, engaging business videos. From recruitment videos, training videos, sales videos, and other types of corporate videos, we have sufficient experience in creating such videos. 

We know each type of corporate video's purpose, so your business can accomplish its intended marketing objectives. 

You can contact us for a more in-depth conversation that would help you gauge our experience in providing a corporate video production service in your niche. Talking to you would also help us understand what video best suits your target audience.


Experience isn't the only thing we offer. We also ensure quality because corporate video companies like us have talents who will focus on your business needs. You can check our portfolio to know how we produce and deliver quality output to our previous clients. 

No matter your budget, we don't cut corners to ensure quality. Every business can benefit from our professional video production services.

result driven

Wake and Make Media is a corporate video production company that's also results-driven. We aim to maximize the reach of your corporate videos with different digital channels promotion. No matter the social media platform, we can tailor each business video to suit the specifics of any platform. 

That way, you can increase your chances of deploying public relations, customer outreach, and marketing to several digital channels. 

Besides, hiring passionate experts in corporate video production not only helps you yield results, but you can also maximize your video marketing expenses.



As a corporate video production company, we ensure that your target audience will get your brand's message. We do this via creative storytelling. 

Wake and Make Media creates innovative videos by thinking outside the box. We ensure that the audience will understand the content with our corporate videography strategy, which is developing stories and concepts that your target market prefers. That way, your consumers will be captivated to watch the videos until the end. 




The corporate video production process requires time, effort, and sufficient resources. But these will all be worth it because they can help in generating more conversions, build consumer trust, and increase brand awareness. 

To achieve such benefits, you must create an impactful video. A corporate video production house can help with this goal since they know the essential steps when making a great video that will positively influence your audience. 

At Wake and Make Media, we have extensive experience in corporate videography that can boost your video marketing strategy. Here's how we do it: 



This is the first phase of corporate video production, wherein we plan all the essential details that will lay the foundation for your video. Pre-production is also where we ask important questions to you to create a full-fledged creative brief, which we will use during the production process. 

Here are more detailed steps in the pre-production stage: 

  • Goal Establishment: Part of our corporate videography services is establishing what you want your viewers to do after watching the video. 

  • Audience Identification: Before starting the video script, we can help you identify or create the audience's buyer personas. By doing so, our corporate video producers will be able to produce videos that appeal to your potential customers.

  • Timeline And Budget Setup: Here, we can help keep your marketing strategy on track by setting up a budget and creating a timeline. This means setting milestones for every step of corporate video production. 

  • Approach Planning: Now that goals, audience, timeline, and budget are set, planning the approach is the next step. It's determining where to distribute the video, what type of video to make, and the like. 

  • Script Writing: Although you may want to say as much as possible to convince your target audience to take action, your script should not be more than three minutes long. Remember that every minute is equivalent to 150 words, and we can help you organize your message within the timeframe. 

  • Storyboarding: Corporate video production includes translating your ideas into visualizations, known as storyboarding. Doing this will help prepare and refine your art style for production. 

  • Talent Casting: At Wake and Make Media, we have talents to perform the script, from voiceover talent for animated videos to actors for live-action videos. Or we can include customers or employees depending on your chosen type of corporate video. 



The video is actually filmed after pre-production. The length of this phase is already estimated since we have already mapped out a schedule. You also don't have to worry about this because corporate video production companies like us ensure things will run smoothly to beat the schedule. 


Moreover, you don't have to worry about filling the director role since we have corporate videographers for this phase. The director's role is to follow through the storyboard and script, light and frame every shot correctly, and make talents perform well. 


Live Action: Part of the second phase of corporate video production is filming with a professional lighting and camera crew and setting a shoot location for live-action videos. 

Animation: Meanwhile, business video productions involving animated videos include pre-determining storyboards and styles when developing illustration assets. Then, they will be animated using After Effects.



The last phase that business video production companies perform is post-production. Here, we'll take the raw footage to our back offices for editing. We'll present you with the first assembly so you can watch and give us feedback on your thoughts about the video. 

Then, we'll add your recommendations in the second draft. This version will be in full master quality, so when you're satisfied, we'll complete the corporate video production after you sign off on the final version. 

This process includes sound editing, coloring, adding effects, animations, and graphics, and aligning voiceovers with recorded footage. 

If you still have some recommendations, our corporate video production team can still include several rounds of editing to comply with your expectations. Once satisfied, we can finalize the video so you can readily distribute them on different platforms.

which type of business videos are most common?


Aside from the process of corporate video production, choosing the type of video for your business can also be overwhelming. It's because such video content comes in many forms.

As a corporate video production company, we can help you choose the most suitable business video for your marketing campaigns. We can produce corporate videos for any purpose since it's one of the more effective and better ways to present information to your target audience. 

Whether you want to grow your audience, convert leads, or promote your product, Wake and Make Media has video content for you. Our corporate videography will also help you understand your audience if you don't have buyer personas yet to ensure that every video content will suit your potential customers. 

Are you looking for a corporate video production that fits your needs?

While a video is an excellent way to deliver your brand message to your target audience, using the correct type of corporate video production is better. That way, your videos can be more impactful. Let our corporate videographers help you with such by choosing a corporate video production service.


Our corporate video production services will ensure that your target audience will learn more about your company's success stories. 

Our corporate video productions will help you produce content highlighting your previous clients' feedback regarding your service or product. That way, we can increase brand awareness and build trust with your potential prospects. 

Animated Corporate Video Production

A company video production like Wake and Make Media can break down your services or ideas into digestible content via animation. 

Our experienced corporate videographer will use clear graphics and bright colors to make animated corporate video production work well on small screens and make it more accessible to your target market. 

Video production for businesses in live action

In addition to corporate videos, we also produce live action videos. These videos are excellent for sharing your tangible product with the world. Here, we can help you demonstrate a common scenario related to your business' service or product.

And unlike a testimonial video style, we focus on telling a fictional story for live action corporate videos. Our team in business video productions will ensure that this style of video will not appear stuffy but meaningful and relatable to your potential customers. 

Corporate Communications Video Production

Besides reaching your potential customers, you should also reach out to your staff. The production of corporate communications videos can assist you in achieving this goal. 

Depending on your business, your people could be spread out across multiple states, cities, and floors. You might find them in any country in the world. You want to get everyone on the same page, and you can do this via internal communications videos that a corporate video company can accomplish. 

We understand the importance of getting everyone on the same page quickly with the intent to let the messages only be seen by your contractors, suppliers, or employees. 

Let our corporate videography services help your departmental managers, human resources, or executive team relay your company procedures and policies clearly and directly. We can create an efficient and precise animation that can communicate better with the people in your company.

Corporate Recruiting Video

Whether you want to retain or acquire membership or talent for your company, you can do so with the help of corporate video services. We can create recruitment videos highlighting the culture and strengths of your organization or company for prospective candidates or employees. 

Our talented corporate videographer can help generate interest from prospective talents by showcasing the best features of your organization. 

You can also use recruitment videos to offer refusals or reduce unqualified applicants by providing an overview of your company's ideal candidate. We can help you include them in your position listings online directed at existing employees or new hires. 

Additionally, you can use corporate recruiting videos during job fair presentations to attract talent.

Corporate Video Series

You can also establish your expertise with corporate video series. However, this type of corporate video requires in-depth analysis or information on a subject using a series of videos. Thus, the need to work with corporate video production services. 

We can help you create videos diving deep into the challenges and issues facing an industry sector. Or we can make a series that shows how you accomplish a project from pre-production to the final product. 

Business video productions like ours can help you share informed and comprehensive content that boosts brand reputation by going beyond the surface level in your video series. By adequately mapping out this video format, we will ensure that the finished series is engaging and coherent. 

Stock & Motion Graphics Video

Stock and motion graphics video is typically any graphic design that has been animated. Our company video production team can help you use this type of video to convey a message, add excitement or depth to a story, or illustrate an idea more explicitly. 

We offer many different visual styles like a surrealistic, abstract, hyper-realistic, cartoon, and more. Our corporate videographer can also do it in 3D and 2D. 

Using the assets does not require you to pay royalties.

Which Corporate Video Production Is Right for You?

Understanding each type of corporate video production for business is the first step to knowing which one is best for you. When you know their differences, you can choose the ones that will convey your message better and easier to your target audience. 

This means that a corporate communications video production may not be suitable if your target audience is prospective buyers. However, this video content could work well if you want to relay company policies to your employees. 

If you're still unsure what to use for your video marketing campaigns, you can always seek the recommendations of corporate video services like Wake and Make Media. 

Or, if the type of corporate video isn't listed above, our corporate video production services can help you identify the kind of video you prefer. 

Let's discuss it more so we can create the most suitable business video to reach your target audience.

Corporate Video Marketing Examples

Corporate & Real Estate

Corporate & Real Estate
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Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

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What Our Clients Say

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Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

How Our Marketing Agency took a

Local bar from empty to over capacity in 3 weeks

When CLT Hub opened in a rarely visited section of downtown Charlotte, NC it saw on or two customers a week and was on the verge of closing down shortly after it opened up. Luckily, owner Jeff Matchen called Wake and Make Media, and we got to work.

Shortly after the call, we began a content blitz that included many high quality photos and video of people enjoying the new bar, partying, drinking and having a good time. 

After the content was captured, we contacted local influencers, new sites, and blogs to share the videos and photos. Seemingly overnight, CLT Hub became the place to be in Charlotte, and soon after our partnership had to double it's footprint just to keep up with demand! 


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Wake and Make Media is here to show off your amazing brand to as many people as possible! Our goal is to help you and your business thrive. In today's digital environment, that means getting great content online and in front of your customer's eyeballs via social media, video, and a great website! 

Schedule a meeting today by clicking the link below and find out how Wake and Make Media can grow your business today!

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