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Google Ads Management Service 

Google Adwords: what is it?

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google is dominating the online advertising marketplace. It claims to have above 90% of paid search clicks on mobile and has more than 75% of the US search market share. Thus, you may need Google Ads management experts if you want your business to be at par with your competitors. 

That’s because Google Ads management requires skill, dedication, and time. Let our Google Ads service help you have a high return on investment (ROI) with your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

Keep reading to know more about Google Ads management service and why you should work with an AdWords management company. 

Instagram can be very powerful for your business. Keep reading to know how it can positively impact your business. 

A PPC ad is run by the Google Ads agency on Google Ads. Google also defines it as a product that businesses can utilize to increase website traffic, raise awareness, sell products or services, and promote business. 

Google Ads management may be able to help you achieve such campaign objectives. We can help you run it on Google's AdSense Program or Display Network, so your target market can see the paid ads on Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

When these ads appear on SERPs, people can see the "Ad" label, denoting that they're sponsored ads. Your campaigns can either appear at the bottom or on top of the results pages.


Google Ads has two networks. Our Google Ads services can help you understand which network to use since each has different advertising options to cater to other goals. 

1. Search Network

This Google Ad network has advertising locations like the partner sites on Google showing text ads, Google properties (Google Shopping and Google Maps), and actual search results on Google. 

For instance, a person searching for LED TVs will see direct products from Google Shopping shown on Google's SERPs. They may also see ads when searching for businesses within Google Maps or on Google. 

2. Display Network

Meanwhile, Google Ads management can also use the display network. Unlike the search network, the advertising methods and platforms on the display network aren't text-based. The display network shows your ads on partner sites on Google, Gmail, and YouTube.

For instance, image ads on the headers or sidebars of a website are a display network. Others are inbox ads on Gmail, ads on YouTube, and the like. 

Google Ads appear when consumers use words that Google Ads management used on your campaigns. Part of our Google Ads management services is to use the keywords your target market is entering on search bars when looking for businesses like yours. 

These keywords are essential in Google Ads auctions. Our Google Ads management service will bid on the list of keywords relevant to your business, basing each bid on your budget for a consumer to click on your ad campaigns. 

Google uses your bid and the quality of the proposed ad from the Quality Score they implement in determining which ads will appear on the SERPs. Thus, it's vital to let Google Ads management help you create campaigns that will follow the Quality Score to win the auction. 

When your ads are running on the Google Ads network, you'll be paying a specific cost for every click a user performs on your ads. This system is known as cost-per-click (CPC).


The charge you'll be paying will depend on what you're advertising. Our Google Ads services can help prevent wasting your budget since we know how the Google AdWords program works. 

Google will display your ads for free. You'll only pay the charges when someone clicks on your ads, which is how the PPC advertising program works. However, the click prices are affected by the amount your competitors are willing to pay. It also includes the number of competitors since the AdWords system is a live auction. 

Our AdWords management service can help you apply competitive costs so that your campaigns will drive high-quality traffic to your site. Costs can quickly increase, so you need experts to manage the process.


An AdWord campaign management understands the factors that can affect the costs of each click. These factors include the following:

  • Keywords' quality score

  • Click-through rates

  • Average monthly budgets

  • Maximum bid and bid position

  • Keyword competition


For instance, you'd be paying a hefty amount for traffic from high-volume keywords with lots of monthly searches. It could be as low as a few cents or as high as ten dollars or more for each click. 

Let our Google AdWords management service manage these costs. We can help set a daily budget for your ad campaigns and ensure to make changes when necessary. Even if you don't have a big budget, we can start with a low budget. Doing this will help us identify whether to stop the campaign or boost your budget because we can use the quality of leads and insights from such a campaign. 

As mentioned, Google Ads follow a PPC program. Google Ads management will help you bid on the keyword your target market uses.

Depending on the maximum amount you're willing to pay, we can make "maximum bids" on an ad. For instance, your maximum bid is $5. You don't get the ad placement if Google determines that the cost per click is more than $5, but if it's below your maximum bid, you can get it. Let our Google Ads service help you win the bid. 

One of our Google Ads services will help you set a maximum daily budget. Doing this will make us understand how much you should spend on an ad and prevent you from overspending daily. 

We can also help you determine what bid strategy is best for your ad campaign:


  • Cost-per-engagement (CPE): The amount you pay each time a user performs a specific action, such as watching a video, signing up for a list, or downloading the app. 

  • Cost-per-mille (CPM): This strategy allows you to pay per thousand impressions on your ad. 

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): The most common bid strategy charges you for every click your ad receives. 


Again, Google will assess your ad campaign by pairing your bid amount with the Quality Score. This refers to the quality of your landing pages, keywords, and ads via a score ranging from one to ten—with one being the worst score.  

Google Ads management agencies like Wake and Make Media can ensure you can have higher quality ads. Having such is vital because you can have better ad positions or Ad ranks while lowering the cost of ads. 

And when your ad ranks higher, you can get more user clicks which may result in higher chances of achieving the goals of your ads: make a purchase, become a lead, and the like. 

Our Google Ads management services can help you get proven results. We can help you appear on the first pages of search engines so that your company will appear someone has a query related to your business, products, or services. 

A Google Ads agency like Wake and Make Media is a master of the high-ROI search advertising campaign—Google. We can help you take advantage of the billions of daily searches on this search engine via Google Ads. Your business can target clients in every stage of the sales funnel by retargeting prospects and bidding on long-tail keywords to broad keyword search terms. 

Wake and Make Media is a leading digital marketing agency that offers Social Media Marketing, Video Production, Instagram Marketing, and Google Ads services that can cater to every company, from nonprofit organizations to small startups in any industry. We give importance to your budget and unique needs when setting realistic Google Ads goals. We also focus on identifying the demographics and audiences your company needs to reach and engage with. 

We ensure that our Google Ads management strategies are constantly optimized and up-to-date so we can achieve the most engagement for your ad budget. Let's work together to grow your business by having more conversions, a higher CTR, and better brand visibility.

It doesn't end there. You'll receive comprehensive, insightful, and specific reports to monitor your KPIs' progress. 


Check out the other services included in our Google AdWord Campaign Management: 

  • Landing page design and optimization

  • Optimization for higher ROI

  • Bid management

  • Ad scheduling

  • Ad copy creation

  • Keyword research

  • Campaign strategy and setup

  • Google analytics setup

  • AdWord account setup


Are Google Ads Management Services Different Than SEO?


Google Ads agencies offer digital marketing services to help your business get more leads and traffic online. These services include Google AdWords and search engine optimization (SEO). While both of them can help you appear on search engine results pages (SERPs), they still have a lot of differences. 

The significant difference between Google Ads and SEO is that Google Ads is considered paid, while SEO is organic or unpaid traffic. That's why you need to work with reputable and experienced Google Ads management services like us, so you will not waste your ad budget and they will proactively monitor your costs and conversion values. 

With Google Ads, you pay each time someone clicks on the ad since this is a form of online display advertising. One of our Google Ads services is displaying your ad to users interested in your products or services by using keywords on search engines related to your business. Google Ads will use these essential keywords without the SEO ranking factors and reputation needed to create organic traffic and gain visibility. 

On the other hand, SEO is focused on generating organic traffic by making your site appealing to search engine crawlers and users. The search engine crawlers will index and rank your business according to the SEO-friendliness of your site. It means you must follow SEO ranking factors such as website speed, mobile friendliness, and backlinking to make search engine crawlers rank your site on the first pages of SERPs. 

Moreover, SEO management also involves creating content that engages and addresses the needs of your target audience. That way, they can have a reason to visit your site and learn more about your business. However, your content must be SEO-friendly to appear on the first pages of SERPs.  

Some SEO techniques may not be necessary with Google AdWords as long as they focus on creating an excellent ad campaign. With Google Ads management, you can show your ads in front of your target market without worrying about SEO in the meantime. 

What Are Google Ad Networks?

Why Google Ads AppeaR?

How Does Google AdWords Charge?

Google Ads Management Services

  • Does Instagram have any free tools that help with Instagram marketing?
    An Instagram marketing service provider uses various tools to create and implement marketing campaigns. Most of these are paid tools to make their tasks easier and more efficient. At Wake and Make Media, we use top-notch tools to help us provide the best Instagram marketing services. Thus, working with us will save you from paying monthly subscriptions to these tools. However, you can also try free tools to manage your Instagram marketing ads. Some of which are as follows: Instagram Insights: It's available within the Instagram app only. It can help you understand which content has more views and when your audience is on Instagram. Canva: Help you design Instagram posts as they have stickers, filters, frames, icons, and special effects for Instagrammers.
  • How long will it take before I see results from Instagram marketing?
    Reporting is an Instagram marketing service that we offer so you can understand your marketing campaigns' performance. Typically, you should see an improvement within a month or so, depending on your strategies. One is when your strategy aims to gain more likes, comments, shares, and followers by publishing visual content on your account. However, it could take longer if you want to generate leads from your Instagram account to your website. That's because you also need to optimize your site for lead generation. You also need to ensure that your landing pages are mobile-friendly and have effective CTAs and others. Moreover, you should continuously share valuable visual content on your Instagram to avoid losing followers. And when you monitor all your campaigns, you can better understand what you need to tweak or improve. Combining these tips can help you gain results faster.
  • What is an Instagram marketing service?
    An Instagram marketing service is what Instagram marketing agencies provide to businesses using the social media platform. This service aims to help you engage and attract the right audience on Instagram, making people aware of your business via visual posts. You can publish various visual content designed for the algorithm of Instagram. It includes scheduled Instagram posts, videos, Reels, and Stories that will resonate with your audience. While it seems easy to post on Instagram, creating ones for your business may require specific requirements. We can handle more specific tasks such as scheduling posts, placing ads, designing visual content, and monitoring your account.
  • Should I hire an Instagram marketer or build my own strategy?
    Building your own strategy is okay. However, if you're not an expert in this area, it may be best to consider hiring an Instagram advertising agency. An agency has a team with sufficient experience, knowledge, and skills to ensure that your marketing expenses are worthy. You don't have to go for a trial and error when developing a strategy. Let the experts help you to focus on what you do best for your business.
  • What kind of posts get more engagement?
    Our Instagram advertising service can help you create visual content, the post that gets more engagement. Engagement is essential to showcase your brand to your target audience as it means you're connecting with them. And by monitoring your engagement rates, you can identify the areas you need to improve. To ensure that you get more engagement on any post on your Instagram, you must first identify what your target market engages with most often. You may create different content and track its performance based on likes, clicks, shares, comments, and DMs. Doing this will help you identify which kind of posts your audience is more likely to engage with.
  • Which Instagram marketing services are the most popular?
    The most popular Instagram marketing service still depends on the needs of the business. For instance, monitoring may be the most popular for an account that only requires having someone to manage the account. However, it may be different if the business is new on Instagram. Since the owner will start from scratch, he may need more than just monitoring. Thus, we suggest that you consult us so we can talk about your needs and goals. That way, we can recommend the best Instagram marketing service to help your business grow, although all the services are essential for any business account holder on Instagram.
  • What are some tips for using Instagram marketing effectively?
    Leveraging Instagram for your business is a good idea. However, you need to create an Instagram marketing strategy to ensure that you can maximize the platform's ability to connect with your potential customers. Your target audience must appreciate your brand throughout the sales marketing funnel to have a higher chance of converting them. Whether you're working with professionals or not, Instagram marketing firms recommend doing the following so that your Instagram marketing efforts will yield positive results: Use Instagram ads Collaborate with influencers Use Reels Try Instagram Automation Run contests Create an Instagram shop Highlight your stories Maximize Instagram hashtags Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Would you be able to change the style of your filming/editing for me?
    Some wedding couples may want a cinematic touch on their wedding video. At the same time, some may feel like having theirs appear and sound like a serious documentary or a funny mockumentary! Every wedding and couple is different. Our wedding videographer team completely understands that notion, and you don’t need to explicitly say it, as we know that you would want a certain style to be applied in your wedding video to become proud that yours is unique. Busy organizers and soon-to-be-wed couples often want their videos to stand out from the rest, which pushes us to capture and edit the happiest day in their life in a highly distinct and elaborate manner. However, it’s best that you find a videographer that would greatly resonate with the style you want for your video. Some videographers like us can adjust, but there’s a limit to what we can do as well.
  • Would you be able to create a custom wedding package for me?
    We can do that. It is important to understand that each wedding is unique, as we have mentioned in other sections of this page. We’re amenable to creating a custom wedding package for you. However, do know that the pricing may differ from the regular packages that we offer.
  • Can you tell me about the equipment you use?
    Capturing a wedding on film may require our team of local wedding videographers to utilize multiple cameras, especially if the wedding’s a huge one. Typically, our wedding videographer team may use up to four cameras simultaneously, together with four audio recorders. A majority of our cameras can record 4k videos at 60 frames per second (FPS). We will install cameras all around the wedding venue to allow us to capture every possible angle and happy incidents that may happen while the wedding is going on. Normally, the cameras we will use will outnumber our team. And usually, we will have one to two people to monitor them. We need to ensure that every camera takes a video, the batteries are at optimum charge levels, the camera is still shooting at the right angle, and other things to ensure that we will capture all videos without any problems.
  • What is the importance of price when choosing a wedding videographer?
    A service's price can be a good indicator of a videographer’s experience and skills. When it comes to quality, the cheaper it is, the lower it is. The inverse is true as well. However, we believe that we’re an exception to the rule. We can confidently say that we’ve priced ourselves fairly, while we can say for certain that the quality of our work is comparable to the service of the top videographers for wedding charging ten or more percent than us. Some people say that there’s no need for us to produce cinema-grade stuff for the amount of money we charge. After all, we’re already one of the best wedding videography companies in the US. However, unlike cinema films, a wedding can only happen once in your lifetime, especially if you plan to be with your spouse forever, ‘til death do you part. And we’re proud that we can make your union more special through our service without breaking the bank.
  • Do you charge travel fees, and what areas do you serve?
    Our luxury wedding videographers serve our customers around Martin County, Florida. We do charge travel fees once the venue is more than 50 minutes away from us. The fee may cost around $200 in most cases.
  • What is the average number of hours of wedding videography coverage I need?
    For a highlight film, our wedding videographer services team may arrive two hours before the bride gets dressed. We will film all day in the venue and stop after 30–60 minutes after the open dance starts. With this setup, we usually acquire nine hours' worth of footage.
  • Have you ever outsourced your editing?
    No, we don’t outsource our editing processes. Once the wedding is over and all the B-rolls have been collected or captured, it’s time for us to get all the clips, videos, and audio samples on the editing floor. We will cut, splice, and edit everything into one file or video clip. Everything is done by us. Of course, how we will edit the video depends on the couple's request and the discretion of our video editors or videographers for weddings. Aside from cutting and splicing, the team will also add the necessary audio to make the wedding video cooler and more professional looking or sounding.
  • Do you accept credit cards for payment?
    We do! We accept all major credit cards, along with zelle, venmo, paypal and personal cheque.
  • How long does it take you to complete your work?
    Our turnaround time is around three to six weeks. This may be subject to change depending on the working conditions and the customization the client has requested.
  • What is your process for choosing the music for your films?
    You can let us know the type of music (or the actual songs) you want to play on specific parts of your wedding video. However, know that we can only play or use the ones that we already have licensed. Feel free to throw in suggestions and ideas to us. We agree with you that your wedding video should be as personal to you as it can be. And we’ll definitely ask you about it if you forgot to throw in suggestions.
  • Do I need a wedding coordinator?
    While Florida is a huge state, there are a lot of times that we’ll work with the same people, firms, and contractors frequently. Thankfully, we have excellent working relations with many people, particularly wedding coordinators and other videography for weddings service provider. A wedding coordinator can greatly help with a lot during your wedding. Having them in your wedding with us will raise the chances of your wedding becoming a complete success and prevent anything from going awry while we’re filming you. If you want recommendations, you can freely talk to us and ask. We’re sure we’ll be able to recommend the best people in the business.
  • Why is wedding photography so expensive?
    While we believe that we fairly price our services, we can’t deny that our luxury wedding videography service can be cost-prohibitive. The cost comes greatly from the price of numerous gears we need to bring and the intensive editing process that we do to guarantee high-quality production value to your wedding. For you to have an idea of how grueling our editing process is, here’s a sample timeline of what we do: ●Watch all footage we captured to find useful and interesting clips ●Listen to all audio capture, catalog all useable and interesting ones, and use them when appropriate ●Syncing the timing of the audio and video clips ●Find music or songs that can we can license to match the video ●Outlining and storyboarding what will happen and appear on film ●Automating and laying out audio together with music ●Mixing all the audio clips for the video ●Re-framing and stabilizing captured footage ●Color correcting and polishing every footage and final video ●Finding a moment that can be used as a cover or still photos ●Exporting and uploading the final video
  • Would you be able to travel to a destination wedding?
    Unfortunately, our wedding videographer team is limited to Florida only at the moment, so we can’t travel to a destination wedding, which means we only offer local wedding videography services only.
  • How do wedding videography and photography differ? Are both necessary?
    Wedding videography often goes hand in hand with wedding photography. Photography and videography for wedding primarily differ in the media that they produce. However, we understand that some delightful couples would want someone else to do it for them. Some may decide to halt anyone from taking any pictures at all to make their big day simple and solemn. However, we highly encourage you to get both wedding videography and photography. After all, it can be greatly regretful if you’ll skimp or skip pictures during your wedding day. It would be a great disservice to you as a couple to not get both photography and videography for wedding. Also, professionally taken wedding photos are fun to share on your active social media accounts! You can also have these pictures pasted on a cool photo book or album, which can become another great keepsake you can pass down to your family.
  • Where can I see more of your work?
    You can find more of our wedding videographer team’s work in our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube. On our blog, you can also find some.
  • What is the difference between your Plus and Premium packages and documentary-style event-only coverage?
    The plus and premium package comes with a highlight reel, while the documentary style does not. The highlight reel is similar to a trailer that’s often three to seven minutes in length, and it’s great to share on social media platforms as well. The premium package comes with a separate social media trailer, aerial footage, extra coverage, raw footage, and an extended highlight reel.
  • How should I choose a wedding videographer?
    As a growing wedding videography business, we want to have more potential clients hire us to do their weddings without even asking any questions. However, as passionate videographers, we want you to feel that we are the right team for the job before we even give you a quote. Hence, we would appreciate you checking out our portfolio before deciding if you want our services. The past works we've done will surely impress you. You might even get some inspiration on how you would like your wedding video to be taken by our best wedding videographers. And again, as much as we want you to request a quote from us immediately once you decide we’re the right guys for you, we recommend you go through this short page first to ensure that you’ll be greatly satisfied with our humble services.
  • What is your retainer?
    Currently, we only accept around 25–30 weddings per year. Because of that, we completely reserve blocks of days or weeks per couple to ensure they get the best service and still get us if they suddenly make adjustments to their wedding day. This then results to as to have a retainer fee of 20% of the package you chose. You will not be refunded if you cancel. So, as much as possible, get our wedding videographer team’s services as early as now. While we have a team of videographers, there’s no guarantee that we’re not fully booked on the date when you’ll be wed.

Google Ads Management Services in Port Saint Lucie, Florida for a Variety of Organizations

Google Ads Management.png

We are a Google Ads agency passionate about helping small and local businesses grow in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Our team has experts in Google Ads management services to help you improve or start your eCommerce campaigns on Google. You should add Google Ads to your marketing expenses because Google is one of the significant traffic sources for paid advertisements. 

Google AdWords Management For Small Budgets

Wake and Make Media offers an affordable service without needing long-term contracts, making it ideal for small businesses, startups, or local businesses with small budgets. We can help you keep your cost-per-click as low as possible while bringing potential clients to your eCommerce site daily to power up your sales.

Google AdWords Management For Nonprofit Organizations

Our Google AdWords management services also cater to nonprofit organizations. We can help you get the Google Ad Grant, get the most out of it, and manage it. By using Google Ad Grant, you can supercharge your organization's progress towards fundraising, recruiting, and other goals. Don't let this fantastic opportunity pass by; let us help you. 


Google Ads Management Services in Port Saint Lucie, Florida for All Types Of Businesses

Google Ads For All Industries.png

Our Google Ads management services in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, are ready to help all types of businesses. Wake and Make Media is a Google Ads company that knows what each business needs for a successful ad campaign.

Retail / E-commerce

  • Eco-Friendly Products

  • Personalized Items

  • Printed Items

  • Gifts, Holidays

  • Industrial Suppliers

  • Automotive Body, Glass, Parts, Repair, Parts

  • Weddings, Jewelry

  • and more...

Professional Services

  • Restaurants

  • Computer Security, IT Services

  • Architects, Engineering Firms

  • Insurance, Financial Services

  • Tutoring Services, Colleges

  • Social Media Agencies, Website Design

  • Therapists, Lawyers, Dentists, Doctors, 

  • and more...

Home Services Industries

  • Windows, Siding, Roofing, Paving 

  • Locksmiths, Glass Repair

  • Woodworking, Handyman

  • Mold Remediation, Pest Control

  • Pressure Washing, Maid Services

  • Painters, Plumbers, Contractors

  • and more…


Why Your Company Should Use Google Ads?

Google Ads management is vital for all businesses because online advertising has many benefits. Although there are many channels and platforms that you can use for advertising your business, Google is still one of the most effective and powerful options. That's because of the following reasons: 

1. Google Ads Is Easy To Measure


Google AdWords management allows you to measure your marketing efforts. Doing this is essential, so you know if your online marketing efforts are reaping results or need improvements. 

Google Ads companies like us can help you analyze data such as the number of views your ad has. Moreover, we can help you know how many people become customers or leads from your ads since these data are readily available in your Google AdWords account. 

2. Budget-Friendly

You may think that running ad campaigns require big budgets. However, you don't have to spend so much if you don't have the budget when investing in Google Ads. Part of our Google Ads service is to create campaigns suitable to your business' finances. 

That's because Google Ads allows you to be flexible in your budget. It means we can modify your campaign to fit your financial limitation at the moment and adjust it next month when you want to increase your budget. 

What's more interesting is that you don't have to start with a million or even a hundred dollars. Instead, you can start with $10 each day. Doing this allows you to test the water before decreasing or increasing the amount. With this, you can better understand how much you need to bid per keyword. 

3. Ability To Increase Leads And Customers

Lead generation is when you direct traffic to your website, and Google Ads is one of the best ways to do this. However, you need to ensure that your campaigns are set up correctly. 

We can help you with our Google Ads management services as we can create ads for people most likely searching for your business. When you target the right consumers, you can increase your chances of converting them into paying clients. 


4. Capability To Target Out-of-Reach Keywords

Depending on your business, you may need to use keywords that are usually hard to reach. That's because large companies in your industry may already be using those keywords for their organic traffic. As a result, it isn't easy to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) if you don't optimize such keywords on your site or content. But don't fret because Google Ads services can help you solve this issue. 

With Google Ads, you don't need to think about organic traffic to rank high on SERPs. This advertising strategy will allow you to appear on your target market's SERPs for keywords that may be hard to use to make your business appear with organic traffic. 

For instance, you're a small drug rehabilitation center in Florida. It would be challenging to organically rank on SERPs for keywords like "best drug rehabilitation Florida" because the competition is high. Big rehabs may already be taking over the SERPs, so if you don't know how to optimize your content or site for such keywords, you may have difficulty building your online presence. 

With Google Ads management, you can be at par with big rehabs in your state. Using those keywords, you can let your ads appear alongside the other rehab centers. 

Although Google AdWords services can help you appear on SERPs, you may still want to consider pairing your ad campaigns with SEO strategies. Doing so will help you increase conversions and traffic as the two marketing strategies complement each other perfectly. 

For instance, you can use SEO efforts on keywords that are not as competitive as the others. Meanwhile, for vital keywords that are out of reach, you can opt for Google Ads. 

Thus, it's safe to say that Google Ads and SEO can be great partners. SEO and Google Ads management allow you to effectively reach and engage with your target market online.

Our Approach 

Our approach to Google Ads management allows us to help you achieve your business goals, such as generating traffic and increasing sales. We employ a data-driven and results-focused approach to Google Ads services. 

Moreover, we know that your business is unique. Thus, we ensure that our Google Ad management services are tailored to your needs. We do this by fully understanding your business objectives and propositions. That way, we can develop actionable ad campaigns suitable to your market landscape and business model. 

Working with our Google Ads Management Team 


Wake and Make Media is confident in boosting your online marketing strategy through our Google Ads services. 


Our expertise in Google AdWords management is exceptional since we have been running successful ad campaigns for a few years. You can check our website to learn what our clients say about our services through their testimonies. With this proven track record, you can evaluate our level of expertise. 



With our resources, we can ensure that our Google Ads management strategies are cost-effective and can yield results. We know the tools to research your competitors, target audience, and keywords necessary to create effective ad campaigns. 

Our Google Ads Management Process

Our Google Ads management process is proven to help businesses of all kinds. We have a team dedicated to doing the following before running an ad campaign: 

Business Audit

We take time to learn more about your business performance on Google Ads if you have already tried paid ads. Through the historical Google Ads performance, we can gain insight into what strategy will improve your ads so you can hit your KPIs and business objectives. 

Competitor Analysis

Our Google AdWords management process includes understanding your competitors. Doing this lets us learn how they engage with your target market. 

Campaign Build

We can start creating compelling ad copy since we already understand how your business and competitors are faring. We perform third-party CRM integrations in this phase, set up conversion tracking, and conduct detailed keyword research.

Regular Monitoring And Optimization

After running an ad, we regularly optimize them after daily reviews to ensure the campaigns target your KPIs. 


You must be aware of how your ad campaigns are doing. Thus, we deliver regular reports that will prove our dedication to helping you run successful Google Ad campaigns. 

Corporate & Real Estate

Corporate & Real Estate
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Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

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What Our Clients Say

CannaAid Black.png

Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

How Our Marketing Agency took a

Local bar from empty to over capacity in 3 weeks

When CLT Hub opened in a rarely visited section of downtown Charlotte, NC it saw one or two customers a week and was on the verge of closing down shortly after it opened up. Luckily, owner Jeff Matchen called Wake and Make Media, and we got to work.

Shortly after the call, we began a content blitz that included running high traffic google ads about the bar in a local search campaign. 

Soon after running the google ads, digital and foot traffic picked up by the thousands! Seemingly overnight, CLT Hub became the place to be in Charlotte, and soon after our partnership had to double it's footprint just to keep up with demand! 


Are You Ready to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level?

Wake and Make Media is here to show off your amazing brand to as many people as possible! Our goal is to help you and your business thrive. In today's digital environment, that means getting great content online and in front of your customer's eyeballs via social media, video, and a great website! 

Schedule a meeting today by clicking the link below and find out how Wake and Make Media can grow your business today!

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