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Instagram marketing agencies like us define Instagram marketing as a way to directly connect to your target market using the social platform—Instagram. Unlike traditional marketing strategies, Instagram makes it easier to reach your ideal customer since you don’t need to create the right avenues to reach your customer.

Instagram can be very powerful for your business. Keep reading to know how it can positively impact your business. 

Instagram Marketing 

An Instagram marketing service promotes a brand's services and products by uploading video and photo content on the Instagram platform. Moreover, Instagram marketing companies also know how to find and connect with accounts or similar brands that can help with the promotion. 

An experienced Instagram ads agency like Wake and Make Media combines two approaches when doing Instagram marketing. We love to help you quickly see results, so we encourage businesses to use paid and unpaid Instagram marketing. Here's how an Instagram management agency makes such approaches:

  • Use Of Shopping Tools: Shopping ads, Instagram Checkout, Live shopping, Product tags and catalog, Shop tab

  • Paid Content: Shopping Ads, Stories Ads, Instagram ads

  • Organic Content: Stories, Reels, Carousel Posts, Video, Photo


Build Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

You may feel pressured to have an online presence on Instagram, making you pass on Instagram marketing. Avoid this mistake by working with an Instagram marketing service provider. 

An Instagram marketing service provider can help you understand the unique requirements of Instagram. You need experts in this field since it's different from other social media platforms. Here's how we can help you develop an Instagram marketing strategy that can showcase your brand's unique style: 

1. Set Goals


Everything we do on your Instagram will rely on your goals. Thus, every Instagram marketing service will start setting goals before crafting your Instagram marketing strategy. 

We can help you correlate your goals to your business needs. We ensure they're SMART whether your goal is to use advertisement mechanics, define your content formats, accelerate sales, increase brand awareness, build a community, or strengthen your reputation. 

2. Determine Target Audience

It's also essential to determine your target audience before marketing on Instagram. 

A marketing agency for Instagram will help you monitor interest hashtags and popular events related to your business. We'll check who is engaging and using these hashtags. 

Your competitor's followers can also be checked. That way, we can help you define your audience in addition to using factors like pain points, motivations, interests, income, gender, location, and age. 

3. Analyze Competitors

Part of our Instagram marketing service is to conduct competitor analysis. We research the following so that we can help you identify their successful tactics: 

  • How they interact with other influencers and their audience

  • Types of content they post

  • Who they are as a whole

  • How popular they are

Learning about these things will help us build strategies suitable for your brand promotion. We may also find what your competitors lack. So when we create content, we can make up for what they might be missing or strengthen their successful techniques.

4. Create Content

Content should be the core of your Instagram marketing strategy. Our Instagram marketing service can help you know what type of content to publish and its visual style, which is vital in Instagram. 

As a marketing agency for Instagram, we'll help you publish quality content that can connect with your target audience while building your brand. That's because we focus on creating content that aligns with your goals and target consumers.

Instagram marketing requires creativity and strategy. As one of the Instagram marketing agencies, we can help you with both requirements that can't be overstated, although they may seem overwhelming. Your business should use this social media marketing strategy because of its many benefits. 

Not all businesses are aware of Instagram's benefits. The worst is that some small businesses don't use Instagram marketing because they're unfamiliar with its benefits. Here are some of the things that Instagram marketing can do for your business that you shouldn't miss: 

1. Increase Awareness

Instagram marketing agencies will help your target consumers be acquainted with your brand. This is the awareness stage of a marketing sales funnel, where you need to capture the most expansive pool of potential consumers possible. 

Instagram is one of the perfect platforms to emphasize visibility and reach to increase awareness. Our Instagram marketing services will help you prioritize brand awareness because of the following reasons:

  • Instagram is a platform where users usually spend an average of almost an hour daily. Thus, it's a perfect platform where Instagram marketing services can help boost your business's visibility and reach since Instagrammers are a highly engaged audience. 

  • Instagram prioritizes engaging, rich, branded visual content. And such content is one of the best ways to make your potential customers familiar with your brand. 

  • Instagram is an easy-to-use platform for businesses to reach new audiences. The platform helps users discover new products and brands they may be interested in through the 'Discover' feed, reels, location tags, and hashtags. Using the right strategies, we can help you get your brand in front of high-intent users. 


2. Build Consideration

Another way Instagram marketing can help you is to build consideration. At this stage, users narrow down their options to a few selections after they've become aware of their needs or problems. 

With such, it's vital to seek help from an Instagram marketing agency to make your target audience understand how your brand or business can solve their issues when they reach the consideration stage—the second stage of an inbound marketing funnel. 

By building consideration, we can prevent potential customers from purchasing from your competitors. We can likely increase the chance they'll see your brand as the right solution by explaining how your service or product aligns with their needs, providing insights within your niche, and focusing on building relationships. 

Part of our Instagram marketing service is to emphasize relationship building and engagement through the following: 

  • Increase Instagram followers

  • Video interactions

  • Likes

  • DMs

  • Story interactions

  • Shares

  • Comments

  • Saves


3. Earn Conversions

The more we increase customers' engagement in your brand, the more we can boost the opportunities for sales. With the help of a marketing agency for Instagram, we can increase your Instagram followers, which is a vital factor in making your business authentic and essential. 

More Instagrammers can find your service or product attractive when you have more followers. They're more likely to order or become paying clients and may even share your brand on their newsfeed. 

Moreover, our Instagram marketing service can help create Instagram ads to retarget your audience. Retargeting is a strategy that shows your ads to people who may have seen your Instagram posts or visited your account. 

For instance, we can show your Instagram ads to people who haven't completed their purchases or have abandoned their Instagram shopping cart. It's like reminding them that your product or service is what they need, which can help boost your sales as they may be encouraged to act. 

Instagram advertising services like ours can use on-site retargeting to create more impact. It's when we can serve custom offers, content, and calls-to-action to the returning traffic known as the users who have already visited your site. 

An Instagram marketing agency knows that Instagram marketing has higher engagement rates than other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Instagrammers tend to engage more with their favorite brands and are more open to branded posts. 

With higher engagement rates comes more chances of making sales from such an audience. Instagram users are more willing to buy from businesses they engage with, making the conversion rate on Instagram higher than on other platforms. 

And one of the reasons there are more engaged users on Instagram is that it has a smartphone-centric User Interface (UI). Thus, increasing mobile traffic via Instagram is highly possible. 

Prioritizing mobile traffic is essential because consumers use more of their smartphones when using social media platforms. And this mobile traffic is what makes up more than half of all web traffic. Moreover, an average of 4.2 hours per day is what users worldwide spend on mobile apps, based on a Tech Crunch report


With such, your business may need to focus on the social media app that dominates smartphones. Besides, you need visual posts like photos as part of your marketing strategy. Visual content offers higher engagement than text posts, and Instagram is the platform for visual content. Let experts from an Instagram ads agency help you with such to make your visual content appear professional-looking. 

Our Instagram marketing service can keep your target audience coming back for more through engaging and appealing visual posts. Moreover, you can add your visual content to your email newsletters, blogs, and other marketing channels.

Why Is Instagram Important to Marketers? 

Our Instagram Marketing Services Port Saint Lucie, Florida


Instagram offers a lot to your company by allowing you to access over one billion active users. You may find it daunting to stand out on the platform, especially if you're unfamiliar with how the algorithm works. No problem with that because you can work with Wake and Make Media, an IG marketing company offering professional help to any of your Instagram marketing service needs. 

Ad Management

Our Instagram marketing service can make your ads show on users' stories and feeds. We create precision campaigns using Ads Manager and competitive bidding strategies on Instagram's pay-per-click (PPC) model. We can also help you combine such techniques with other PPC platforms. 



We also offer real-time daily monitoring. We track your account's direct messages, comments, and other Instagram activities. And most importantly, we ensure to respond to these activities within the day so your business won't miss the chance to engage with your potential clients.


As an Instagram advertising company, we value the importance of an effective strategy. We can develop and apply a personalized plan that can achieve your goals.

Ad Campaigns

One of our best Instagram marketing services is ad campaigns. We can create organic ad strategies and PPC ads on Instagram to target your audience. It includes creating various content types depending on what your potential customers are more likely to engage with, such as IGTV content, Instagram newsreels, photos, live videos, and others.  


Audience Analysis

As one of the experienced Instagram marketing companies, we conduct audience analysis. We do this so you can develop a deeper understanding of your target audience. We can help build user profiles and improve your targeting strategies based on the results and collected information.  



We ensure transparency by reporting the results of your marketing campaigns. We can help you understand and identify which of your strategies are yielding results and the benefits of your promotional campaigns. 


Instagram Marketing Services for Businesses in Port Saint Lucie 


The best Instagram marketing services should cater to all your Instagram marketing needs. We are a one-stop Instagram ad agency that caters to businesses in Port Saint Lucie, offering ad campaigns, audience analysis, strategy, monitoring, management, and reporting.


We will learn about your business to identify your needs and goals. Based on your current standing in your industry, we can help you create plans by analyzing your target audience, researching your competitors, and how they use Instagram. 


Our Instagram marketing service is to help you optimize Instagram as a platform to drive more traffic to your site. We can also help you use it to increase brand awareness, build consideration, and earn conversions. 


Why Wake and Make Media? 

As an Instagram marketing agency, we want to give you the best marketing services. We have a team of various professionals from marketing to video production to social media content creation. With such a network, we can cater to any Instagram content that your brand needs. 

We want to help you get more engagement and traffic on your Instagram account. With the skills and experience of our team, we can ensure your brand gets more online presence and growth. 

Learn more about why you may want to consider us a go-to Instagram advertising agency.

Our Approach 

  • You can achieve your Instagram marketing goals with our approach. We dedicate time to understanding your target audience, brand reputation, and competitors so we can develop the best strategy.

  • Understanding your target audience is essential so that we can create appropriate content. Your posts should be relatable to your audience so they can appreciate your business. We can help you provide valuable and engaging content to showcase how your business can help your potential clients. 

  • We also conduct brand reputation analysis to determine what Instagrammers think about your brand and company. The results of such a study may reveal what your account should improve on. For instance, your areas of improvement may be on response time to inquiries or comments from your audience.

  • Another important task we can use to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy is learning about your competitors. Instagram marketing agencies must conduct competitor analysis to gauge other companies' strengths and weaknesses. We do this to find the best way to create a strategy that can be at par or above your competitors. 

  • After knowing the details about these important factors, we share our findings with your team. We will work with your team so we can come up with the most suitable Instagram marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

Instagram marketing Examples

Product/Branded Content

Product/Branded Content
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Sunny Wilson Fitness Coach - 4k

Sunny Wilson Fitness Coach - 4k

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CannaAid Product Highlight

CannaAid Product Highlight

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AH Dist Trade Show Video Nov 2021

AH Dist Trade Show Video Nov 2021

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What Our Clients Say

CannaAid Black.png

Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

How Our Marketing Agency took a

Local bar from empty to over capacity in 3 weeks

When CLT Hub opened in a rarely visited section of downtown Charlotte, NC it saw one or two customers a week and was on the verge of closing down shortly after it opened up. Luckily, owner Jeff Matchen called Wake and Make Media, and we got to work.

Shortly after the call, we began a content blitz that included many high quality photos and video of people enjoying the new bar, partying, drinking and having a good time. 

After the content was captured, we contacted local influencers, new sites, and blogs to share the videos and photos on Instagram. Seemingly overnight, CLT Hub became the place to be in Charlotte, and soon after our partnership had to double it's footprint just to keep up with demand! 


Are You Ready to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level?

Wake and Make Media is here to show off your amazing brand to as many people as possible! Our goal is to help you and your business thrive. In today's digital environment, that means getting great content online and in front of your customer's eyeballs via social media, video, and a great website! 

Schedule a meeting today by clicking the link below and find out how Wake and Make Media can grow your business today!

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