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  • Megan Nager

How A.I. is Quickly Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

 All right, welcome. This is, let's Get Digital. I'm your host, Megan Niger of Wake and Make Media, which is a full scale digital marketing agency and production house. I'm having a hard time speaking today. It's okay. It's late and we've been out of the game for a while and by out of the game, I mean we got married and went on a honeymoon.

And I almost refuse to leave Italy, but that's for another day. Megan's an Italian woman. I am an Italian woman. We're back in America. We promise we live in Florida. It's not too bad. Yes, it's not to be honest, but we are excited to be back. We've taken a bit of a hiatus from the podcast, so we're excited to come back with some brand new exclusive content that like all of our fans have been dying to see.

Yeah, we hear it every day. Hey fan. Hey big, big fan of yours. Huge fan of yours. Bring back, let's get digital podcast please. That's what I've been hearing. People are calling from the radio. Yeah, they're calling me and they're like, wow. Where have you been from? Where is that Market Satellite podcast.

Satellite phones had been ringing. There was even a pigeon yesterday. No, that dropped something in the backyard. A little piece of paper. That piece of paper said to Megan and Corey, you're biggest fan. Where is fan? Where is, let's get digital. Wow. Wow, wow. Also, do you guys could stop painting our dog? We've gotten a lot of paint on our dog.

Okay. I just made that one up. No, but you, they paint our dog asking what is it for? To bring back, let's get digital. Yeah. Oh, like, like paint. Like we, and also, can we have your autograph? Yeah. On our dog? Mm-hmm. Yeah. That's weird. We woke up and we're like, confirmed. This did happen. We are not living in la la land.

This did happen. Okay, so we're back though. Lucky for you guys. And we are excited to talk about some brand new things in the works. And by brand new things, I mean, a trend that has been popping up left and right. It's the new kid on the block. It's the cool friend, the hot friend who you're, you kind of hate, but you also wanna be, but you also like love because they're cool.

Yeah. That's, yeah. Yeah. That's what that, that friend is. I bet you can all guess who this friend is. This friend is ai. Ai, artificial intelligence. Intelligence. Intelligence. Intelligence. Yes. Let's say it again together. Ready? 1, 2, 3. Artificial intelligence. Intelligence. Intelligence. Yes. Because we want to get those words in.

So if like, there's like a, you know, SEO for our voice. Ai, ai, ai, ai. Yeah. Can't really get those keyword in ai. Google, take that everybody's talking about right now. Since our last episode, AI like started with chat G B T really and exploded and every freaking 10 seconds I see a new AI platform that'll like change the world.

I al No, it's true. I even saw a funny sketch and it was like every marketing company right now, and it was like, Ai. Ai. Ai. Yeah, AI. Because, yeah, I've literally heard it nonstop, but to be fair is pretty wild. Part of me is like, I hate this. We're going, we're inching closer and closer to like a dystopian novel and I'm gonna lose all my brain power because I'm just gonna rele rely on artificial intelligence to do everything for me.

And then the other part of me is like, wow, this is awesome. Why hasn't this this been here sooner? And why didn't I have this in college? And. I'm 100% on the latter side of that. I love it. It like changes my day every single day and I'm just like, I love you, ai. Do you think that's because you have low brain power or absolutely not.

It's because I do have a hundred things at the same time and now my artificial intelligence friends can do 90% of those things for me. You think? Not really. Actually, it's, I wish it was that high. Do you really think they're your, like actual friends? Yes. Yes. Like, you're like, wow, these people like. Like get like maybe, okay, see, this is what I'm talking about.

It's a bad, it's really scary. Anyways, I think it is cool when it comes to marketing. I also do a lot of writing for, you know, like journalism type writing. I wouldn't recommend it for that. I've, like everyone's been saying, oh my God, you could use it for everything, but it's not always like, Per, I don't know.

It sometimes doesn't sound like me, like it doesn't sound like my voice or like an article I would write for sure. So I find myself like spending more time redoing the stuff that that chat G B T wrote, whereas like for those, but then if you're doing like copywriting or like, I mean, copy for a website, copy for video.

I mean come up with like brainstorming ideas, book titles, like it can do everything. I love it. And I'm gonna hit you real quick. By the way, we're gonna make these episodes a lot shorter than they were before. Oh yeah. So, you know, stay tuned. There's gonna be exciting short ones. Wow. And we'll get onto the next topic.

Wow. But I wanna do right now, five things that ai, that you used AI for now that you didn't use last year because it didn't exist. Okay. And, What you like about them or dislike about them? Ooh, that's a good one. Yeah. Good one. Good one. Yeah. Okay. I'm gonna make this You do five. I'll do five. We'll do 10 together.

You go. I go. You go Igo. It's good. That's good. Good momentum. Okay. Love. Okay. So really great for brainstorming. I randomly like writing children's books. I've yet to publish one. I've one that I will hopefully be published soon. But just coming up with like ideas for them or even if you. Come up with say like, I'm gonna write a children's book featuring dogs.

That's about friendship. Like, they'll give you expanded ideas about just that, which is you're already giving it something specific and then it'll expand upon that. And it just opens this world of other ideas that before I'd have to like call a friend for, or, you know, sit there and rack my brain or like cry, you know, stuff like that.

So, yeah. Right. I really love it for like, SEO long form content. Like if I'm trying to take something, a couple ideas and I know I pr, you know, like no one's gonna read this. This is for Google's bots to find, so why take a time to write it. I'm just gonna have chat, g b t, write it. I'm gonna go through it, change the words a little bit, make it more in line with the brand, but the fact that you can just give it a prompt, a couple sentence prompt, and it'll pump out a few paragraphs.

What's not with love about that. No, it's true. No, that's good. It like the technical writing is great. Yeah. I guess another thing is catchy article titles. Like if you have a Oh yeah. Title that's kind of like in the works or even doesn't, isn't like fully fleshed out. Put that in. Say like, Hey, I want 10 different article titles based on this.

Love that, and don't come up with a bunch. Some of them are wacky, but yeah. Pretty good. I on kind of a similar note, love it for like headlines for an ad. So like if I, if I want to come up with the, the right ad headline and I can't think of something, or I want to like make 20 and I'll pick the one I like the most, it'll just pump those out real quick.

Love. Yeah. Okay. I, you use it way more than I do. I do, so I'm trying. Yeah. You're obsessed. I'm trying to What about, what about the images you made? On Journey. Oh yeah. Yes. Well, that's okay. So for instance, for a children's book that I'm making called Chunk and Chewy based on my dogs I used what's the, what's that Mid journey?

I used Mid Journey because the book though is like, part of the marketing behind it, I'm gonna say was like partially done by ai. So I created images on this AI program called Mid Journey of the Dogs, but. Oh yeah, I did have AI also take pictures, original pictures of the dogs and turn them into like an ia AI version.

You're right. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, so I mean, AI art is pretty cool. The only thing about the AI art is that, for instance, I'll be like, Hey, super weird, make like a barb or like draw a barbecue restaurant for me. But then there will be like steaks and stuff on a counter, but then you'll also see randomly like a spoon on the ceiling or a steak on the, yeah, like ground or like, and it's, it's.

Hella bad at hands. Oh yeah. Or like 10, like 20 fingers on one. Yeah. Yeah. And they're like in a swirl. Some. Yes. Yes. Hands are absolutely terrible. Faces are also very terrible. Weird. Very. But it's, it's a cool idea. It's very cool though. It's unique. Yeah. Cool. With mine there's a video thing called Runway XM or XL or something like that, and it has a green screen feature where you just click a couple buttons and it makes.

A mask around the person and makes the background vanish so you can do green screen without a green screen. Wow. Absolutely love that. Use that almost every day. That's pretty cool. Okay. Okay, let me think. I think, is there four right now? Yeah, I think we're four. Okay. Wait, I got, okay. I did try this for the first time yesterday.

I, I do like comedy sketches and so I asked it to come up with Chad g b t to come up with like five different sketch comedy ideas based on like cultural trending topics. And. I don't even fully remember what they are, but again, it was good for brainstorming. I didn't actually use any of the specific ones they gave me, but it gave me other ideas.

Yeah, gets you over that funk too. It it got me out of the like, yeah. The hill of like dwelling on like, I can't get past this one image in my head, so gimme some more ideas. So that was cool. Love that. Love that. Another one with video editing. I do a lot of video editing, so this is in my head. Is there's something in Premier where you just right click and you could select the exact length of the song that you need.

So say I have a song that's three minutes, but I need to be 45 minutes. I would never do that. But you, you can literally type in anything and it's thanks for about 10 seconds and then, and it's done and you have that exact length song and it sounds perfect cuz it finds it on the beat, hits, connects it and say, which usually took me like, you know, 30, 45 minutes to do.

Especially something that long. It does it like instantly. Super cool. Okay. What's your last one? I know, I'm thinking, I'm thinking. I'm thinking, I, I, I guess does this count, which is like the background remover on Canva? It's just, yeah. Is that ai? That's ai, yeah. Which has been around for a while, but yeah, that's the same thing as like put the green screen.

Yeah, that's what reminding me of it in the video. Yeah. So that, I guess I just think at the end of the day, the best thing I like about the, the thing I like the most about AI is that it just saves time. Depending on what you're using it for. Yeah. But it does save a lot of time. Yeah. My, okay. And then my last one, what's your favorite?

My favorite and this is just, I just love it every time this happens. Wow. There's the caption. Free a, or not free, but it's in Premiere, so it's, if you have Premiere, it's included. It will do the captions for your whole video in seconds. That used to take me so long. Oh, it's in Premiere? Yeah. You write Click.

There's also a thing that Megan uses because Final Cut doesn't have that called Descript where you can, it also does it for you. But is that ai? Yeah, I guess that is ai. What else is it? I thought about Descript listening and then making work. Yeah, that's true. Descript is cool. I use that for captions.

Yeah, but you know what? I like Final cut and we always have this thing because he thinks Premier is better and professionals use Premier. I actually learned on Premiere, so I would actually call myself very much a professional, but like Final Cuts more for like the advanced professionals. I, I used Final Cut when I was 16.

Okay, so. It's, that's greats Heather. There's been many other iterations since then. Anyways, that's gotten worse. So those were really great things about ai. Yes, I think that was fantastic. And I, I think that's all we have for today, but you know, we will be back with another short form episode. Let us know in the comments if you like 'em shorter, if you like 'em longer.

But ooh. Until next time. I'm Corey. I'm Megan. And we are gonna be back with some more. We could do a whole episode on AI plugins. Ooh. Right. There's so much to talk about. Okay. Cause I was gonna bring up them now, but maybe we'll do that next episode. Let's do it. Okay. So we'll stay tuned for part two.

Stay tuned for part two. Thanks for listening, and we will, like Corey said, be coming out with a lot more content. See you next time. Bye.


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