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Interview with Palm Beach Personal Trainer

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We had the opportunity to walk around and ask some questions with Sunny Wilson, a personal trainer in Palm Beach, Florida. Here is what we learned!

Sunny Wilson is an online fitness coach and personal trainer based in Palm Beach, Florida. She started her own business in 2022 and is passionate about helping people get fit, healthy, and confident in themselves.

Sunny's favorite thing about personal training is the rewarding feeling of helping people achieve their fitness goals. Her favorite type of training is strength training, where she focuses on helping clients lift heavier weights and achieve personal records (PRs). She emphasizes the importance of consistency and motivation in her clients.

Outside of the gym, Sunny enjoys playing sports like lacrosse and practicing jujitsu, where she holds a purple belt. As a business owner, she appreciates the freedom and flexibility it provides, allowing her to provide top-tier service to her clients.

When asked for advice for other small business owners looking to grow their business, Sunny suggests learning from others who have been successful in the industry and building a network and friendships within the community.

To work with Sunny, individuals can contact her via email or find her on Instagram. She offers online coaching and in-person training.

In terms of favorite exercises, Sunny enjoys cardio workouts on the rowing machine, considering it a full-body workout. She doesn't have a specific least favorite activity in the gym, as she believes that even the things you initially dislike can become enjoyable with time and improvement.

For individuals with limited time, Sunny advises making health a priority and managing time effectively. She believes that when something is prioritized, time is no longer an issue.

Sunny's top three pieces of advice for someone wanting to start getting fit today are to start immediately, sign up at a gym, incorporate healthier options into their diet, and consider finding a workout partner for support and motivation.

As a food lover, Sunny finds it difficult to think of a least favorite food. Regarding the myth that lifting heavy weights will make women bulky, she explains that it can happen depending on factors like genetics, diet, and workout routine.

To stay mentally fit and strong during challenging times, Sunny emphasizes the importance of having a supportive community and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who encourage healthy habits.

Sunny believes that age is not a barrier to getting in shape and cites examples of clients in their 70s who have made significant progress. She advises individuals of all ages to find suitable activities like strength training, bodyweight exercises, or mobility training to improve their physical and mental health.

Regarding fitness advice on social media, Sunny disagrees with the idea of sticking to the exact same workout routine for an extended period. While it's essential to work certain muscle groups consistently, she believes in incorporating variety into workouts to prevent boredom and maintain motivation.

When it comes to favorite dog breeds, Sunny mentions Australian Shepherds and English Bulldogs. As for dessert, she enjoys creme brulee. When it comes to workout clothes, Sunny prefers affordable options and mentions Target as one of her favorite brands.

Her favorite color is blue, and she enjoys doing hip thrusts and Bulgarian split squats for a booty workout. On a good day, she can do 12 pull-ups, but the number may vary.

When Sunny doesn't feel like working out, she relies on her motivation and quickly dismisses any resistance from her mind. She understands that not every day will be perfect, but she pushes through and focuses on the long-term benefits of exercise.

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