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  • Megan Nager

Why All Businesses She Be Doing Short Form Video

 Welcome back. This is Let's Get Digital, digital Marketing for the Modern Age, the podcast that everybody knows and everybody loves. I'm Back again. My name is Corey Turner and I'm with my host Megan Nager Turner. Okay. Cause we got married. We did get married and we also are the founders of Wake and Make Media, a full scale digital marketing agency and production house that specializes in creating content that will make you famous if you want.

Cuz not everyone wants to be famous, right? I feel like a lot of people are like confused about this. They're like, I don't wanna be famous or I want, I don't want my business to do good because I think I'll just keep on printing flyers and running newspaper ads. I feel like that's, that's like the conversation I've been having with most of these people that, you know, we're pitching to.

Well, yes. I, we, so, you know, this isn't really the topic of the podcast per se, but I do think it's interesting because Corey and I, we've moved a lot right since we started this company. So we started this company in 2019 in Los Angeles. Which where we were mainly doing like scripted content. We did some Amazon shows, we did music videos, we did influencer content, you know, totally different entertainment based.

And then we moved to Charlotte, and then we started making content for. Brands and businesses and Charlotte was like this, like basically just overnight blew up and it's all young people. Like I felt old there even though we were like early thirties. It was weird. Yeah, it was like right where you go right after you go to all of the colleges in North or South Carolina.

You go to Charlotte. Yeah, to Charlotte. And so like we were old there, but it was cool because we were able to do. A lot of content for different brands and businesses that were like new, up and coming younger. And then we moved to Martin County, Florida. That's where we are now. That's where we are now. And that is about an hour, 45 minutes north of Palm Beach.

And just for reference, in case, I don't know. Right, right, right. And we've noticed that we are. You know, the opposite of Charlotte. We happen to be some of the younger people in the area. Very much so. Yeah. So like a lot of times we run into this issue where people will be like, oh, I don't need a website.

Well, they don't talk like this here. I don't know why I'm talking like that. If you go a little bit east or no, you know, always backed up, you go a little bit west, that west, they might start talking little that they start, no, I feel like more North North. In North for sure. North. All right. North we don't really talk like that here.

There's actually a lot of people from New York. So if anything, they're talking like New York is right? Yeah, it's true. Yeah, it's true. Okay. But yeah, they're like, I don't need a website cuz I got a Facebook page. Right. You know? Right. I don't need digital marketing cuz I got business cards that I made in 1997.

Like I feel like that's the vibe we've been getting here. Big time. Yeah. Yeah. Why, why would I need a website? Why would I need to run digital ads if I put something in someone's mailbox once a week? Exactly. You know? Cause everybody loves those. Well, yeah, so we're dealing with a bit of a shift. So that's been challenging, but I think that it's been a good challenge.

Is it, I guess, yeah. We can really hit home the same thing over and over again. Be like, you guys need a digital footprint. It's like, Very obvious in 2023 that you need a digital foot. Yeah, I think they're a little late to catch on here. Yeah. Because it's an older community, I'd say. But I think that actually brings us to the topic that we're gonna talk about today.

That's the segue of all segues. Perfect segue, because the very best way to build that digital footprint is what Megan. Short form video content. Big time. Is that right now? Right? Right now it is. So very much the most important thing you can do. Oh. And it's also one of the cheapest things you can do for the eyeballs you get because it has so much potential to be like shouted out, you know, sent out to a bigger audience like no problem.

And by short form, like video content, what are we talking about? Okay, so, alright. Yeah, we're gonna back up for one sec. So basically, yes, the most important thing to do, I'd say when you're starting this, you know, to build your digital footprint is obviously after, once you have not just a Facebook page, a website, you should also have short form video content because whereas like people, everyone was super into blogs about like, I don't know, I feel like 150 years ago, no, like, maybe like five years ago now it's all about.

Video. So I think it went from like blogs, you know, heavy on the copy to then longer form video on YouTube. And now it's all about like people have the attention spans of goldfish, right? And so it's all about that short form, catch attention in three seconds and like boom, boom, boom. So if you're a business and you don't have that, you're totally missing out because I think a lot of times people are like, why?

I'm gonna sit there and make these little mini videos and then I'm gonna get clients. Like they don't translate that, right? Yeah. But. You, you also asked me a question. I forgot what it was. Well, no, I was just asking you what it was. What short form vi video content. Like it, so, short form video content is basically just a v very short, I'd say short, ideally 15 seconds, 30 seconds max, maybe a minute and a half, which is the max on Instagram reels.

Right. But I try to say, I say 15 to 45 seconds is a sweet spot. Okay. Okay. Maybe. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like yeah, yeah. I'll go with that. Yeah. Yeah. And it's just, yeah, it's just, and it's like, Vertical video. Vertical video also, that's the big one. A big one is that it's vertical fills the whole screen when you're looking at it on a phone.

So it's, you know, literally turn that camera to the side or your phone or whatever you're shooting on. Shoot it vertical because that is because it's so difficult to turn your phone this way. You know, for people to engage and to watch it, you know? So we don't wanna have to make 'em do that. I feel like you're being sarcastic.

I am. A little bit, but it's also real. It's literally That's how lazy. Super real, I guess. Yeah, well, yeah. And you don't want to flip whatever. You don't wanna hold it weird. But also then the algorithms on these, see this videos working so well. Cause people are like, what's that gonna do? It's that all the algorithms on social media platforms are now favoring short form vertical videos.

So they're gonna like, Promote that. Basically they're like, Hey, if you do this, we're gonna put your content out there. So that's why I think they also favor the vertical videos. Percent might post anything that's like, No, I was just gonna say a little experiment. We should be exact same video. Yeah.

Everything's exactly the same, same caption, everything like that. If you've, if you edit it for vertical and you edit it for horizontal with huge black marks on the top and bottom, every single time, it's gonna be that full vertical video that does better. Yep. Guaranteed. A hundred million. Bet you right now really a hundred million.

Yeah. I would suggest somebody go out there. I, I mean, I don't wanna risk that, but someone else should go out there and try that. And then actually I don't want you to, I don't, I don't think it's ever gonna happen, so I don't want you to lose. So, because then now we're married, so that would also affect me.

So don't try that. Okay. My fingers were crossed. Okay. So we'll just pretend like my fingers were, were definitely crossed on that one. Okay, so, so vertical video. Okay. So how, two questions for you. Okay. How would you say this could help a business grow? What's like the main reasoning? We said, we talked about the algorithm favoring it.

Yeah. What else can it do? Well, it because the algorithm is favoring it. It will send it out. So it doesn't matter what platform you're on, if you're on YouTube, you're doing YouTube shorts. If you're on TikTok, you know they're called just call tos or Instagram reels or Facebook reels. Yes. They all do the same thing where they will show those short form videos to people who aren't subscribed to you.

Right now, if you post a video, I mean a photo or even like, you know, like a, a carousel or anything like that, multiple photos. You're still just gonna be sent to your subscribers. So if you're a new business or your established business and you only have 500 subscribers, guess what? It's just gonna go to those 500 people can't get new ones.

No, you're not gonna reach those new ones. You're not. You're not gonna reach those new ones organically. You're gonna have to pay for ads organically, right? You have to pay for ads to do that. But if you do these short form, Vertical videos, it will go out to new people, people that are interested in that topic, that may not have heard about your brand before, but they, they're interested in, in whatever your brand is or their plumbing brand or your beach wear brand, or you know, anything, what you're doing.

They're in, in that. If you have a launch hair brand, let me just tell you something, it might not be a surprise. It might be a surprise to you. It might not be. Instagram knows a lot about who we are and what we like and TikTok does as well. Yeah. They basically stalk us. They know all of our information.

So everything you're doing. Yeah. If, if you're worried about, oh, my, the, my potential customers may not know that they're interested in beaches and somehow find me. They will. Okay. Well also though, yeah, you can use, cuz a lot of people are like, oh, okay. I just throw that up there and then I'm just gonna be found one.

Yes. Probably because we just explained why. Yeah. Two, you can always use hashtags, which we could do a whole other episode on. Right. But just very briefly, I'll say, Sweet spot about maybe seven to 10 hashtags. I wouldn't do like all 30. I think the max is 30 or it used to be. Wouldn't recommend doing all those and do it in your niche.

So say you are a lawnchair company, like I love to say love launch share companies. She loves launch share companies. Love that. Bringing that bag. Yes. Just hashtag launch shares. Hashtag beach chairs. Hashtag. You know, launch hair marketing, whatever, right? Anything in your industry and a million more eyeballs will be on the videos.

So there you go. Absolutely. So you're feeding both beasts, the hashtag beast, so it knows what it is, or the algorithm knows what this video is and all the check boxes. It's exciting, it's short, and it's filling the full vertical screen. Okay, so now my second question is, okay, is if you're, say you're a new business, all right?

And you're like, You know, you got your Facebook page, you got your website, and now you're like, I'm gonna start making short form videos for my content, put it all over social media. What would you recommend, like what would be the best way to get started in terms of like what type of content CR to create in these short form videos?

If someone is like, I'm gonna try to do this on my own and film some videos on my phone. I would start with like maybe some tips, some interests, some something that, you know, that not everybody else knows. Mm-hmm. Because people could be interested in that. Okay. So I don't know if we're talking about lawn chairs.

Yes. You could be like, yes. The five best ways to sit in a lawn chair or something like that. Or five plus places to put your lawn chair on your lawn. Ooh. Some random thing like that. And then you, which we don't even know, need to show your face that way. Yeah. You could just show B roll. But I, I was gonna say, you probably should show a face because for some reason that just works better.

People like looking at faces. You could do, you can get like stock video though, if the person, if the owner of, of the company doesn't want to be, that's, or you can do like text with some, like B roll over it or something like that. You can totally do that. Yes. I do like to shoot faces because I feel like people engage with faces and especially if you be like five ways to put your lawn chair, you know, like it'll like grab someone's attention.

Yeah. Don't like that. So I do like to do that. If a business owner doesn't like it, maybe hire an actor. You can always hire an actor, right. That that's, or someone else in your company. Or you can force a family member at knife point. Also a great thing to do. Yeah. Should not do that. Safe, safe and good business practice.

Don't do that. Put that on record, so don't get arrested. Okay. And I would also post if you could do it three a week, because Okay, you gotta feed, you gotta feed the beast, the content beast. If you could do one every day, do one every day. If you could do two a day, yeah, do it. But that's ridiculous. Like, I know that's in very unreasonable for a lot of people and I've heard that from people and it's like, yeah, but just, I would just not recommend you do one and then you wait like three months and do another.

Cuz I'm telling you, you were, no one's gonna see yourself. Right? It's just gonna sit. Totally, and also put some captions on there because captions, because 80% of people who are on Instagram have their sound off so they could read what's going on. Also, it's like exciting to have all these things going on at the same time.

You could have captions going on B-roll, going on your face, talking, all of these different things add up on top of each other and make it more exciting. Cuz again, like Megan said, we have the attention span of a goldfish. Yes. So we're trying to just, yes. Happy. Picture visuals going on. Think of like a toddler.

Yeah. Yeah. That's like what level everyone's at now. It's sad. Yeah. So, yeah, pay to that Also one big thing, you know what I'm gonna ask you actually, okay. Yeah. So now that you've made these videos, Megan, okay. Okay. Tell me, what do you do after with them? What do you up, where do you upload them? How, where does that, how does that go?

Okay. So there's obviously totally a million different social media apps, right? Yeah. First things first. I think people forget, you can always put a video, especially if it's like an explainer about you, your company, whatever your product you can always put on your website. That always helps. Your website always helps.

Search engine optimization. Seo. That's true. That's right. Okay, so that's one. Two, I would highly suggest picking at least. Probably three social media platforms. I mean, two if you really don't wanna mess around with them, but Instagram reels. Facebook reels you or you No. Yeah, you got it. Yeah. Facebook reels, YouTube shorts, those are all the same thing.

It's basically YouTube SH reels. Yeah. TikTok, yeah. LinkedIn. Right. And so do you need to Twitter, do you need to do different videos to upload to each one of these? Platforms? No, no. Yeah, I was like, should I see something else? Okay. No, you don't need different videos. You can all do the same exact video for all these platforms, and there are a ton of platforms that, for instance, we use one called Metro Cool, where you can basically create an account and then you plug your video in.

You can set the exact time and date if you wanna do it in the future, and it will automatically post it. Whenever that specified time and date is on all of those platforms. So you don't need to sit there and worry about taking the time to sit there and individually upload each video. Cause that is a total pain in the ass.

So yeah, that makes it really easy. Exactly. And, and you could do, you could do like a whole month's worth of worth of content. You could like batch your content, film a ton of stuff, and then. You know, plug that all into metric. Cool. Say you have to go on vacation, right? You have a month's worth of content and it looks like you're constantly doing it cause you're upload it like P active.

Yeah, yeah. No it's great. I love metric. Cool. And and it's just better to put it on all the platforms because you have that, that just one more ability to catch a new set of eyeballs that could be. A perspective client. Exactly. You know, our customer of yours. And you know, sometimes videos do good on Instagram reels, but they do poorly on YouTube shorts and sometimes they do great on TikTok, but they do bad on shorts.

So it's always good to just try 'em all, put 'em all out. And it's one more click if you use something like Metro. Cool. It's very true that the platforms all favor different videos. Like, I don't know, it's the demographics on them or what, but one of my video will will bomb on Instagram and then do Fantastic on TikTok, vice versa.

So, Try 'em all. Yeah, it's amazing. I think video content specifically short form, vertical video content is the best thing to do for a business right now. You heard the guy? Yeah. You heard him. And Wake and Make Mania Happens too. Specialize in, we do short form video, so we know what we're talking about. We do, yeah.

And you could also hire us if you want us to help you. Yeah. Find out more at Wake and Make But for. Until next time, I had a great one. Thank you so much for talking to me about this. No, thank you. And we'll, we'll, we'll be back soon with some more content just for you. Catch you on the next one.


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