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Social Media Marketing Services

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Social Media Marketing Services

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: What's the Difference?

Social Media Marketing Basics

Social media marketing (SMM) is what social media marketing services offer businesses that want to achieve branding and marketing goals. We use the power of social media platforms to meet and interact with your target market. Social media marketing isn’t simply about posting whenever you feel like it.
It requires paid social media advertising, building a community around your brand, monitoring your reputation, posting content representing your business, and optimizing your accounts to attract a relevant audience. 

Sometimes people interchange social media and digital marketing, especially when developing a marketing strategy. However, they're different from each other. 
Social media marketing uses Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms to reach out to potential customers. On the other hand, digital marketing encompasses the different types of marketing activities online, including social media marketing. 
Digital marketing's purpose is quite similar to social media marketing's goals: create value, build customer trust and brand awareness, and grow profits and sales. However, digital marketing uses various digital channels not limited to social media networks to achieve such goals, while SMM utilizes social media platforms. 
To achieve such goals, digital marketers utilize online tools like website analytics, content creation tools, and search engine optimization (SEO) tools. These tools help them make campaign changes, measure analytics, and test strategies suitable for a business or brand. 
Meanwhile, social media marketing companies use tools like Instagram marketing tools, Twitter marketing tools, Facebook marketing tools, social media automation tools, social media monitoring tools, social media listening tools, social media analytics tools, and social media scheduling tools. 
Using such tools, a social media marketing agency can have a powerful arsenal to drive meaningful engagement, attract new audiences, or create and share valuable content. However, a social media marketing company may not use all of the tools but only the necessary ones that best fit your budget, target audience, and business goals. 

Posting on social media is only one of the aspects of social media marketing. You may bump into some obstacles you haven't anticipated when doing it without a plan. Before mapping out content with your audience, it's best to follow these basics that social media marketing services apply: 

  • Goals: Before mapping out your social media marketing strategy, you should have clearly defined goals. The strategy acts as the roadmap leading you to your destination—your goals; hence, your strategy shouldn’t lead you off course. For instance, you may want to reconsider sales-focused posts that could turn people away if you're going to increase brand awareness.


  • Audience: You can avoid wasting time and effort creating irrelevant content when you understand who your audience is. Knowing what appeals to your audience's interests will help you attract followers who can become loyal, interactive, and buying customers. Especially when you let a social media marketing firm create social media ads, targeting the right audience could lead to successful campaigns. On the other hand, marketing to the wrong group of people could be a waste of ads budget. 


  • Style And Tone: Creating general brand guidelines should be essential as you have to follow them when creating your content. Style and tone includes specific fonts, phrases to avoid, colors, and other graphical representations of your brand. Like your content, your brand's social media tone should also cater to who your audience is. Choose whether your posts should be serious, scholarly, or playful. 


  • Competitors: Reviewing and researching your competitors on social media is also essential. It can help you create a strategy that will not leave you in the shade. Social media marketing agencies can help you with competitive research to gain insights into how your competitors are marketing their business on different social media platforms. Use the insights to identify market gaps that can improve your marketing programs. 



Yes. You need digital and social media marketing to become successful online. These are essential to a business, whether it is a big national company or a small local shop. These marketing tactics may differ, but their purposes are the same: to drive business growth. 


Combined digital and social media marketing strategies can boost your sales and leads, increase awareness about your brand, and connect with your customers. With billions of people using the online world and social media to search for their needs, these marketing efforts can be great ways to take advantage of the increasing user engagement of such platforms.


You don't have to stick to only one form of digital marketing strategy, but using it with different social media marketing efforts can increase your chances of achieving your goals easier. However, you need to know the trends on B2B ratings and reviews and social media to keep up with the fast-changing needs and wants of potential customers. Hiring social media marketing services can help you in solving such challenges because you can have experts help you identify the most engaging content relatable to your target audience.

Are Digital and Social Media Marketing Essential to Business?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Social Media Marketing Services?


An SMM agency offers various social media marketing services that can make your social media accounts more optimized and engaged. Such services require much attention because they're not easy tasks. They can help share posts regularly and respond to social media users' comments or messages. 


On the other hand, if you can’t give attention to those tasks, your potential customers may think you're not open for business. As a result, you could lose them quickly since they're more likely to find other companies who can cater to their needs immediately. 


In addition, social media marketing companies can help you reap the following benefits of social media marketing services: 


1. Keep Your Content Trendy And Relevant


Getting your posts seen for free can be challenging since social media platform algorithms can change drastically. If your posts are not up to the algorithms' standards, it will probably be left in the lowest ranking positions. A social media marketing firm can help you know the latest trends and tools that would help you keep up with the changes so you can beat the algorithm. Moreover, this can save you from randomly boosting your posts. 


2. Implement Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies 


A social media marketing agency has experienced teams skilled in providing various social media marketing services. They know how website traffic works, the importance of SEO strategies, and how to measure your ROI. You can get an assurance of an effective marketing strategy by working with our SMM agency, with years of experience since we're already familiar with the nitty-gritty of social media marketing. 


Our expertise will also help you determine the strategies that would work best for your business. With such, you can have a higher chance of boosting your online presence and keeping up with the technologies and tools necessary to measure the success of your business. 

3. Produce Engaging Content


Social media marketing services aren't the work of a single person. As mentioned, you'll work with a team of experts in different fields. The bigger the social media marketing agency is, the higher the number of professionals working to achieve your goals. We work together to produce excellent social media campaigns by designing the most eye-catching creatives and knowing the best media buying strategies.

Moreover, here are the roles also include the following, which are necessary for creating engaging content: 


  • Graphic designer

  • Videographer

  • Copywriter

  • Social media strategost

  • Paid social manager

  • Social account manager 

4. Increase Inbound Traffic


Our Social meādia marketing services can get familiar with your brand so we can determine the keywords to help you rank on various media platforms. Your rank on various media platforms is important, so we can expand your inbound traffic when marketing your brand on social media. 


You can acquire new customers within or beyond Port Saint Lucie by taking advantage of the opportunities that a piece of content can open, such as having a wider variety of consumers. These customers come from across the globe and have different behaviors and backgrounds that social media marketing services can tap into. 

5. Boost Sales

Achieving steady sales is vital to keeping your business running. Social media marketing companies can help you strengthen relationships with prospective and current customers, which is essential to keep customers buying from you. You can keep them returning with engaging content and a solid online presence. 


Social media marketing services can also keep customers satisfied, and in doing so, you can make them feel valued. Consumers become more loyal when they receive a prompt response that can make them feel heard. In addition, they're more likely to refer your business to their friends because you make them feel satisfied. 

How to Market on Social Media


Although social media marketing services can deliver the benefits mentioned above, they don't happen overnight. You need to market on social media the right way to yield results. Posting on your social media accounts isn't the end of it, but you should consider the following that social media marketing specialists recommend:

Choose the right platforms

Define Your Goals

Encourage Consumers to Follow You


1. Choose the right platforms

Social media sites are everywhere, and their number is growing each day. You don't have to use all of them to share your content, but choosing the right platform is important. 

Considering your business and customers is crucial when determining which platforms to use. 

You can easily reach and connect with your target audience when you create accounts on the channels they use. Social media marketing companies conduct in-depth research in this step to learn what most of your target customers use when interacting with businesses in your industry. Create accounts on those social media platforms so you can engage with your target customers. 


When choosing the best channel for your services or products, your business will also be a factor. For instance, it may be better to use YouTube if you're a video production company. TikTok can also be a good choice since it focuses more on video content. Depending on the nature of your business, the channel you should use must enhance your brand.

2. Define Your Goals

Goals are essential even in social media marketing. These will be your guide when creating campaigns, so it's best to follow the SMART goal strategy. 


They should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-sensitive. 


Start by having a broad objective such as the following:


  • Boosting customer loyalty by providing a timely customer service

  • Generate leads by building brand awareness

  • Grow a more significant community presence by engaging with local followers. 


Using the SMART goal-setting strategy, outline your broad goals into simpler ones that you can measure and achieve promptly. 

3. Encourage Consumers to Follow You

Social media marketing specialists also require that you should increase your followers. The more followers you have, the higher chances of more people seeing your content. Moreover, you have a higher chance of converting them from being followers to becoming paying customers. And that's because social media users are more likely to purchase from businesses they follow on social media. 


That's why you should ensure that your content is relevant, trendy, and worth following. Let a social media management agency create content because they can gather data on the wants of your followers. They can use such data to produce engaging content that your target market is more likely to appreciate. 


Promotional content is okay, especially when social media advertising companies create them because they know how to curate engaging social media ads. However, you should avoid bombarding your followers with too many promotions because they might unfollow you. It's still best if you also post content that isn't too sales forward. 


It's also best not to flood the homepages and timelines of your followers by not posting several times each day. Spamming them may also result in unfollowing you. 

Social Media Management - Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Social media management is a continuous process of strategically monitoring your online presence across multiple media channels in addition to creating and publishing content on such platforms. Our social media management agency uses automation tools to build and maintain your brand image. 


Besides posting updates on your business's social media accounts, you should also increase your reach and engage with your audience. Wake and Make Media social media marketing company in Port Saint Lucie ensures that you have the following:


  • Efficiently tailor social media content for each platform while staying true to your brand

  • Instill confidence in your brand by properly formatting content across your social media accounts

  • Align your social presence with your overall brand guidelines

  • Stay consistent across social media platforms

  • Create an excellent first impression on your audience

Social Media Advertising Services - Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Generating sales online is becoming a trend even for brick-and-mortar businesses because of how consumers search for and purchase products. Online sales are one of the many reasons your business should go into a social media advertising service. We can help you deliver personalized content based on user behavior and demographics, and hyper-targeting audiences after leveraging various data sources. 


Social media ads can offer higher rates of ROI because you can gain more conversions and interactions when your ads pass on to the newsfeeds of your target audience. 

What Is Social Media Advertising and Why Is It Important?

Social media advertising is digital marketing that delivers paid ads to your target market on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. With the help of social media marketing, you can use this service to boost your marketing campaigns and quickly reach your audience. 


Social media ad campaigns contain clickable product items, videos, pictures, descriptions, and a title. Our social media advertising service grabs a user's attention to engage with your service, product, business, or ad by using a "call to action" on your campaigns. Moreover, we ensure that a social ad follows the correct format of the social network where it'll be published so you can rank high on such platforms. 


Social media ads are essential because you can gain the following benefits:

  • Gain insights into your customers on social media by analyzing how your ads are performing

  • Lessen ad expenses since social media advertising costs are more cost-effective than other digital sites

  • Get more sales since social media ads can target specific markets, such as those ready to purchase from your business.

  • Social media ads allow you to cater to various types of consumers, such as Pinterest or Instagram for highly-visual consumers, Snapchat for Millenials, or Facebook for middle-aged adults.


Best Uses of Social Media Advertising


Businesses from different industries use social media ads because of the benefits they can enjoy, even when their goals vary. Combining it with organic marketing is even more important to get more real value. With such, here are some of the best uses that our social media marketing services consider when implementing social media advertising for any business: 


  • Build A Strong Social Presence

  • Improve Brand Credibility

  • Boost Conversion Rates

  • Improve Brand Recall

  • Reduce Marketing Costs

  • Improve Content Visibility

  • Boost Quality Traffic

  • Reach Targeted Audience

  • Improve Brand Awareness


Social Media Brand Management


Social brand management is essential to maintain your online presence across multiple social media platforms. Our Social media marketing services can keep you from having a decline in traffic by generating meaningful consumer interest. We optimize how you connect with your target market by using the proper social media branding techniques. 


At Wake and Make Media, we consistently use suitable methods to keep your audience engaged, become loyal customers, and increase sales even from consumers who may not be following your business. 

Our Social Media Marketing Services


Leveraging the power of social media is an essential marketing strategy these days. You need experts to help you engagingly reach your audience while establishing your brand. 


Wake and Make Media offers social media marketing services for corporate and real estate businesses, episodic content, music videos, and branded or product content. We have everything to make your business on social media platforms visible. 

PPC Services


Reach your buyers effectively on the different paid platforms with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads, and more. We know how to build a great relationship with clients by personalizing the PPC management program to cater to your business needs. We've managed high PPC budgets from previous clients to produce the best results while being transparent to them. 


Instagram Ads Services


Put your best picture forward with Instagram Ads services. We can help you create relevant, strategic, captivating, and appealing ads for your audience. Making the best content for your ad campaigns from start to finish is what we promise. 


Your service or product is excellent, and we are here to connect you with the right Instagram users. We ensure that you can see great results from your ads because we focus on targeting the right audience using the latest software and techniques to reach and convert consumers on Instagram.


Facebook Ads Services


Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms worldwide, so you can have a wider reach, primarily when using Facebook Ads services. We can help you improve your lead generation strategies on this platform, increase brand awareness, and build your Facebook following. 


Video Production Services


Wake and Make Media staffs experts with over a decade of experience in the film industry. We have extensive experience in editing video content, shooting, scriptwriting, directing, and producing. 


We also use the best post-production resources, audio equipment, and the best cameras to provide you with high-quality videos that you can use for your social media marketing needs. 

Video Marketing Examples

Corporate & Real Estate

Corporate & Real Estate
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Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC
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How Our Marketing Agency Increased A

Client's Revenue from $12,000 to $1.8 million

When Wake and Make started working with CannaAid they had a website generating less than $1,000 in sales every month, their product photos were taken on a cell phone and they had no brand awareness, just a dream and solid products. 

Immediately, Wake and Make Media started creating high quality content, including photos and videos for their social media page. Seemingly overnight, CannaAid had increased it's follower count to well over 15,000 and counting. 

Now they average $150k in sales every month and are continually growing sales and revenue 20-30% month over month, with much of their website traffic coming from their social media platforms.


What Our Clients Say

CannaAid Black.png

Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

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