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Video Production Services

What are Video Production Services? 

What Are the Processes Involved in Video Production Services?

Video production services create in-depth, high-quality motion content for various businesses. We at Wake & Make Media offer professional video production services to ensure you can target specific audiences. Our team has over a decade of experience in the film industry, so we can guarantee that you can use top-quality videos for your marketing campaigns. 


To summarize, a video production company like ours plans, films, and edits motion pictures for organizations and companies. In detail, we do the following to ensure quality output: 


  • Collaborate with clients to learn more about the business or brand

  • Perform market, audience, and product research

  • Produce storyboards

  • Create scripts

  • Look for the most suitable filming locations

  • Create or source wardrobe pieces, source props, and audition actors

  • Shoot videos and record audio

  • Develop a film by editing together footage

  • Blend music and audio tracks

  • Produce motion graphics and animations

  • Broadcast the videos online or on your preferred platforms

Thanks to the advent of technology, recording videos is easier than ever. You can use your mobile phone and other handy gadgets with simple-to-use lighting, built-in high-quality video cameras, and accessibility of excellent microphones you can attach to your phones. However, creating a great video requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes that video production services use. 


Although the budget, effort, timeline, content, and style may vary for the video production service process, its building blocks revolve around pre-production, production, and post-production. These steps are constant among successful video production services.


Pre Production


Pre-production is the first phase we make when producing a great video to ensure that you can use relevant and engaging videos for your marketing strategies. It starts upon deciding to make a video up to shooting it. To elaborate it, we do the following steps during the pre-production:


Step 1: Developing Idea


Having a good idea is just the beginning. We come up with a professional, polished video product by developing that idea. As a video production company, the first step includes the following: 


  • Define the goal or goals of the video you want to distribute

  • Understand who your target audience is

  • Identify the expected reaction from your audience after watching the video

  • Metrics should be set to gauge the video's success

  • Create a distribution plan or how you want to reach your audience so more people can watch it


By enumerating such things, a video production company like us can have a guide on how to produce great videos. Following such criteria or attributes can also ensure that we’ll have a smooth, successful video production. 


Step 2: Scripting


The second step is where we start making storyboards and writing scripts to put motion into our idea development. We ensure that the script revolves around the projected video. We also consider any changes in background, wardrobe, and camera angle. Most importantly, the script we write should fit the target video time, within the budget, and must be easy to understand. 


Step 3: Scouting Location


A video production service will depend on the storyboard and video objective when securing and scouting the locations for the story. The most important thing about this step is to have backup plans for unforeseen events, which we always anticipate. For instance, the sites are outdoors. We create a plan in the event it might rain while we’re filming.


Meanwhile, we find a well-lit, quiet room to get the best quality visuals and audio possible when the talent is simply speaking to the camera. If our subjects want to record remotely, we use software to virtually film them in their chosen location. 


Step 4: Finding Talent


Video production services apply various ways to find talent corresponding to the video’s purpose. For instance, we recruit talent if the video requires a scripted story with actors. We find and invite guests when shooting video podcasts. Or we can ask your employees or clients to talk about their experience with your brand if we’re recording a how-to or video testimonial. 


The key to finding talent is to find the ones who can work towards the objective of the video and can communicate its core message. Moreover, we make sure that they know the intended outcome and goals of the project by carefully briefing them about such things. 


Step 5: Gathering Equipment


Video-making services need the right quality equipment to achieve the best results in a video production process. We use lighting equipment, microphones, video cameras, and other video kits at Wake and Make Media to shoot films. Using complete equipment is essential to producing high-quality, professional videos that engage with prospective clients. 


Step 6: Scheduling the Shoot


We don’t just shoot a video without ensuring the availability of location and talent. We assure you that we work on your timeline, whether it’s a remote or physical recording. Before we set a schedule, we’ll ask you about your schedule so you can join us at your time of availability. 

After video production services complete the preparation and meet the clients, we happily enter the production phase. It’s where we capture all the footage and interviews for your video, which is the beginning of making the story come to life. 


We capture all the raw materials for the video, including your preferred visuals, ideas, and visions. If something comes to your mind, it is best to notify us before the end of the production phase so we can include it in the final product.


Besides conducting interviews and setting up the video, sound, and lighting equipment, we also include other steps in the production phase. Some of which is capturing supporting videos or footage to strengthen your story, known as capturing b-roll. When the project requires voiceovers, we can also record such. 


The best thing about this phase is we encourage your primary point person to be on set so that they can ensure that our video team can shoot footage that will speak about your brand. 


Post Production


Post-production is the final phase of every video creation service. It’s when we polish the raw footage to become a refined and ready-to-distribute video. We do the following steps to ensure a successful post-production phase: 

  • Editing Video: Professional video production services ensure that what the final video has is relevant footage. We make sure that unnecessary moments are cut out aside from choosing the best shots when piecing them out together. We also create the correct length video when putting each clip together. 


  • Adding Sound: Engaging videos require having suitable sound effects. Based on the tone and mood of the video, we only add sound effects and background music that complement the video. 


  • Incorporate Graphics: We can also bring the video to life by incorporating text and graphics highlighting information in the video. We can add your logo or frame to make it look more professional.


  • Rendering Video: Depending on your preferred distribution and hosting platforms, we can make the finished video files in the correct qualities and formats. It means you can post these videos on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms with their corresponding formats. 

Video Production

Our Video Production Services Includes

Wake and Make Photos.png

Content video production is complex, especially when creating a professional video for businesses. At Wake and Make Media, we have all that you need to manage and maintain the video production process. We have a team of experts consisting of professional writers, actors, editing teams, and production crews to ensure smooth and successful pre-production to post-production. 


A video production services company located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida promises to give you an end product that will resonate with your brand by handling everything for you.


Check out the following video production services that we offer:

A commercial or advertising video is an ad that video production services offer so you can reach the internet, social media, and television users. We make such videos as teasers for your product, service, or company so that your potential customers can glimpse what your business is all about. 

A commercial or advertising video is an ad that video production services offer so you can reach the internet, social media, and television users. We make such videos as teasers for your product, service, or company so that your potential customers can glimpse what your business is all about. 


Unlike other videos, commercial videos should only last 30 seconds or one minute as the maximum length. Having this length is an ideal amount of time to make your audience want to learn more about your company, which is equivalent to customer acquisition. 


To make it eye-catching, we ensure that your commercial video has exciting content, clear and visible branding, call-to-action (CTA), some viral-worthy aspects, and is at least 30 seconds long. 


Branded Video Production Services


Online video production services can help you shine through whenever a visitor enters your website. We can help you make a lasting and positive impression when introducing your brand to a potential customer through our branded video production services. 


With branded videos, we can communicate an overview of your company’s product offering, culture, and goals, which is why it’s also known as company overview videos. It’s also one of the best ways to visually tell your company’s unique story, especially if it’s a compelling story.


To yield results, we try to understand what stories are being told in your industry. That way, we can create a video that personally connects and appeals to your target audience. For instance, we can include stories about your company’s everyday life, service, or product. 


Corporate Video Services


Boost your business growth by driving more traffic to your site with corporate video production services. We can help create compelling video content for corporate communications and every stage of your sales funnel. You want to yield results, and we are here to make that happen. 


Our team has worked with business owners from different industries, from small to medium to large corporations. We offer marketing video services that can be as appealing as entertainment videos tailored to a specific target audience. Through storytelling, you can get out of traditional brand marketing that is somewhat boring and dry. Let’s make your corporate brand message professional and engaging with the help of our creative team. 


Real Estate Video Services


Marketing video production services can highlight your surrounding communities, present your properties in engaging clips, and show your personality with real estate videos. We promise to capture your listings, personality, and brand as beautifully as possible. 


You don’t have to do it alone since we have a lot of ideas that we can use to help you produce consistent content. One is the real estate listing videos, which could get a bit more expensive when you’re doing it on your own. When you work with a video production company like us, you can spare yourself from buying video equipment that you may use only once. 


With video creation services, we can also create 360 videos to help prospects get a real sense of what it would be like staying on your property. This immersive experience also requires more expensive video equipment, so hiring a reputable video production service can help you save from buying such equipment. 


Music Video Services


Music videos can make or break an album, artist, or track, so it’s best to work with web video production services that have experience shooting and producing such content. 


We can help you create music videos that stand out from the rest, especially when your niche is in a saturated market. Music video production these days is like a mini-movie; eliminating the basic MTV videos is gone. Wake and Make Media ensures you can bring musical art to life by collaborating with music artists. 


We provide hands-on assistance throughout the production process, from concept to screen. Our years of experience have made us familiar with the different elements of video production. We’ll take care of them so you can focus on your music. 


Besides editing, photography, and directing, part of our video-making services is to promote and market your music video to reach your target audience. 


Narrative Series Video Services


Web video production services can be a vital partner when creating narrative series videos for your target audience. A narrative series video is a story that tells a sequence of events through its characters, conflict, and resolution. However, this kind of marketing video is unlike television shows or movies that are an hour long or so. 


Narrative series videos must be on point and short, which should not be longer than three minutes. We can help you do it right so you can use it to influence almost everything. You can use it in education, politics, news, PR, and advertising. 


Social Media Video Services


Online video production services can cater to your social media video needs. We have video production services experts who can help you deliver your message with impact across social media platforms. 


We create shareable, moving, and engaging videos that can raise brand awareness, boost engagement, improve lead generation, and elevate your social media marketing strategy. By understanding your social media audience, we can create high-quality videos that can resonate with them. 


With a trusted video production company, we can help you convert your target audience to become buying customers, website subscribers, a social media followers through the influence of actionable videos. 

Getting to the Root of Video Production Services


Different formats and videos are essential for advertisers because they need to cater to different audiences. Marketing video services can help you create the ones suitable for your business. 


Anyone can produce a video, but we can help you create the best one to help you achieve your marketing goals. You want professional and experienced video production services that can guarantee positive results. Wake and Make Media is in the business of making videos that convert because we put our hearts into our work.

Best Video Production Agencies in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

The best business video production services should cater to all your video production needs. We are a one-stop shop that offers a global talent network, internal capabilities, and a range of video production services to complete a successful video production project. 


We are a registered company that has built a network of camera operators, editors, scriptwriters, voiceover artists, video producers, trusted talents, and marketing experts. With such a network, we can work on any video, regardless of size and shape. 


We also ensure that we deliver the end product within your designated timeframe after researching your competitors, audience, business, and industry. 

SEO-Based Video Production Services in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Besides producing quality videos, we also ensure that they can rank high on search engines. We offer SEO-based video production solutions so that you can enjoy different visible video search outcomes for your business. 


We can help you drive more qualified leads and organic site visitors from your video content materials. We understand how search engines rank videos and use it to ensure that we produce optimized videos. 


Start With a Strong Video Marketing Strategy

The importance of video marketing is undeniable. Images and written content alone are no longer enough to engage with your target market because some consumers are into augmented reality, interactive 360 videos, live streaming, and other video content. Businesses that want to be at par with their competitors and stay relevant are investing in creating and distributing video content. 


With the help of video creation services, you can have a strong video marketing strategy since we follow these steps: 

Step 1: Set Goals for Your Videos

Setting goals means creating a video for every phase of your marketing funnel. Wake and Make Media will help you identify an essential stage of the funnel that you need to target. 


We create videos in the “Awareness” stage that should introduce your brand to a new audience or attract users to your business. We also ensure that the videos here aim to let viewers realize they have a problem. 


We also make videos that could help your viewers find cost-effective solutions during the “Consideration” stage. Most importantly, we can boost your chances of converting your viewers to avail of your services or products through videos that make up the “Decision” stage. 

Step 2: Communicate with Your Target Audience

With each video, we can target a specific audience you can engage with. We can help you update your personas if you already a have set of buyer personas. That way, you can include them in the most recent video research. 


We can also help you create strong buyer personas if you don’t have one yet. This is essential to create videos that’ll resonate with your target market. The videos will be your gateway to communicating with them; the latter will show that you understand their needs or problems.

Step 3: Identify the Story You Wish To Tell

People love stories, and we can help you improve viewer engagement by incorporating stories into your video content. We ensure that corporate videos can tell viewers how your company is making a difference in the community or how you can help them. Let’s develop your story so your audience will want to know more about your business. 

Step 4: Keep Your Timeline on Track

Our video production process has a timeline that we stick to, from idea development to actual video distribution. We ensure that we follow the distribution, production, and overall timelines. Following such will help us track the things left to do and how much we have done. As a result, we can deliver an end product within your marketing timeline. 

Step 5: Make Sure You Stick To Your Budget

Most importantly, we assure you that we can stick to your budget. It might be an expensive investment, so we ensure that we don’t waste any of your resources because we implement planning and project management. 

Video Production Services: Worth the Investment

Video production services can be one of your most significant investments because you can use a single video in many ways. You can use it for your social media marketing, email marketing, or on your website. By doing this, you can maximize your investment in video production services. 


Your brand has a unique story to tell, so working with video production services can help you communicate such a story to your prospective clients. High-quality and professionally produced videos can keep current customers coming back and, at the same time, bring in new customers. 

Video Marketing Examples

Corporate & Real Estate

Corporate & Real Estate
Search video...


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Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

Large Open Luxury Rental on Lake Norman, NC

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What Our Clients Say

CannaAid Black.png

Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

How Our Marketing Agency took a

Local bar from empty to over capacity in 3 weeks

When CLT Hub opened in a rarely visited section of downtown Charlotte, NC it saw on or two customers a week and was on the verge of closing down shortly after it opened up. Luckily, owner Jeff Matchen called Wake and Make Media, and we got to work.

Shortly after the call, we began a content blitz that included many high quality photos and video of people enjoying the new bar, partying, drinking and having a good time. 

After the content was captured, we contacted local influencers, new sites, and blogs to share the videos and photos. Seemingly overnight, CLT Hub became the place to be in Charlotte, and soon after our partnership had to double it's footprint just to keep up with demand! 


Are You Ready to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level?

Wake and Make Media is here to show off your amazing brand to as many people as possible! Our goal is to help you and your business thrive. In today's digital environment, that means getting great content online and in front of your customer's eyeballs via social media, video, and a great website! 

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