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Once your grand wedding is over, it’s completely over. All that’s left in the once-filled-with-life venue are scattered flower petals, dirty footprints from your guests’ shoes, and the occasional crumpled candy wrappers. After the venue’s trusty cleaners and hardworking staff finish their tedious job after your long wedding day, you will never recognize if a wedding actually happened in the empty venue. And the only way to relive your sweet wedding or remember how the grand venue looked when you were ceremoniously exchanging vows with your beautiful spouse is through your wedding video.

That's something you already know very well. Surely, you’ve seen a few touching wedding videos yourself. They may be from your best friends, close coworkers, or even your dear old parents. And as you saw those tear-inducing videos, you may have silently wished that one day, you’ll have one of yours too.

You might want a short wedding video that you can let unannounced guests watch when they're visiting to keep them busy while you clean the other rooms in your lovely home. You might suddenly want to watch it intently whenever you miss your dedicated spouse who went out of the country for a business trip for a couple of days.

In a few years, your grownup kids may decide to watch your sweet little wedding video to learn more about your relationship and love towards your loyal significant other. And this video may become integral in the luxurious party you’ll host once you reach your golden anniversary with your aging but still lovingly beautiful spouse. And once you’re gone from this world, the video will become an important keepsake for your now adult kids and young grandchildren.

Of course, you would want a wedding video that will be of high quality. You wouldn’t want you and your kids to watch your wedding on a high-tech TV in the future but feel regret because the wedding videographer who took it was too amateurish and didn’t know what they were doing. So, whatever reason you want to have your wedding recorded on video, we have you covered—we’re one of the best wedding video companies in the US that offers the best wedding videography in Florida, after all.

We at Wake and Make Media are the best wedding videographer in good old Florida. You’ll never be wrong to choose our small as your primary wedding videographer for your dream wedding. Your wedding day is an expensive ordeal. And the only proof that you’ll have that it happened is your wedding video. You wouldn’t want that proof to appear crappy and tell people that you spent a lot on it. Thankfully, we offer high-quality results that have a fair price tag.

Just to let you know, Wake and Make Media started as a marketing agency in Martin County, Florida. Primarily, we specialize in creating and developing top-tier content for marketers and companies. Aside from that, we make films, too. And now we’re also focusing on our professional wedding videography services.

Our main team is primarily composed of the company’s co-founders: Megan Nager and Corey Turner. Megan primarily handles scripts, storyboarding, and directing our wedding videos. Meanwhile, Corey is our main cinematographer and top wedding videographer and photographer guy. Corey also handles most of the wedding video editing.


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If you ask to shoot your grandiose wedding, our best videographer for wedding will get right on it. We can cover all the angles, visitors, and events in your wedding and fit everything (almost) in a short trailer, highlight reel, and wedding video.

Of course, while our wedding videographer can decide which of those clips would be included for you, we would love your input and opinions about what makes it—or not—to the cutting room floor. We encourage you to tell us which day and which parts of the wedding you want our highly-skilled team to focus on.



We have multiple videography packages that will suit most soon-to-be-wed couples' budgets and preferences. We have our Plus and Premium packages, which come with a high-quality highlight film. It will also come with documentary-style edits for the toast and all-important ceremony.

We’re not going to limit you to having a generic wedding video taken by a generic videographer for weddings. We will make it something you can be proud of showing to the world, even through video-sharing sites online. Rest assured that getting us as your luxury wedding videographer is worth every penny you’ll spend.

Together with the best videographer for wedding, we also only have the best gear. All of our cameras can shoot in 4k, and all our audio equipment is high fidelity. These pieces of equipment help us guarantee that your wedding video will always be our finest work to date!


A highlight film is a short clip that will show viewers the most interesting and fascinating events and moments from the beginning of your big day until its end. And everything will be shot by our best wedding videographer in 4k.

Some of the events commonly highlight in this type of video are the couple getting ready, the bridal party, the ceremony, the processional, the ring exchange, the first kiss, and some amusing moments during the reception. We also pick the best music that will match the energy and mood of everything that will be included in the highlights. You may expect a variety of ambient music to play, which may range from sweet, sentimental, playful, and emotional.


The ceremony is, of course, a wedding’s main event. And it’s unfortunate that it ends quite so fast. So it’s vital that a professional wedding videographer captures it in film to the best of their ability, and gives the most professional wedding ceremony videography treatment.

To guarantee this, we will mount multiple 4k cameras around and strategically place high-quality audio recorders. In editing, we will splice the best angles and takes that will match the emotions emanating from the couple and the guests.

The ceremony clip may include other significant moments like the processional, wedding customs, vows, exchange of rings, first kiss, et cetera.


Anything could happen during toasts. Kind words are often thrown around, but you know well that some of the groom’s buddies may tell a funny story or two. Those anecdotes should always be remembered, and we can capture all of them in film.

With our toast videos, you’ll definitely appreciate having to witness those people who shared your journey with you, and you’ll definitely not forget about them for a very long time.

Just like with the other film types, the toasts will be recorded by our trusty wedding videographer using multiple 4k cameras, and editing will ensure that the best angles will be presented and the mood and atmosphere will be accurately reflected by the accompaniment that will play in the background.


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What Our Clients Say

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Lee VanTine, CEO

Without Wake and Make Media, our company would not be where it is today. They truly helped every aspect of our branding and brought us to the next level.

How Our Marketing Agency took a

Local bar from empty to over capacity in 3 weeks

When CLT Hub opened in a rarely visited section of downtown Charlotte, NC it saw on or two customers a week and was on the verge of closing down shortly after it opened up. Luckily, owner Jeff Matchen called Wake and Make Media, and we got to work.

Shortly after the call, we began a content blitz that included many high quality photos and video of people enjoying the new bar, partying, drinking and having a good time. 

After the content was captured, we contacted local influencers, new sites, and blogs to share the videos and photos. Seemingly overnight, CLT Hub became the place to be in Charlotte, and soon after our partnership had to double it's footprint just to keep up with demand! 


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